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Nothing can compare

The amazing Hands Tied have been playing a few shows back together.Most notably This Is Hardcore and at A Time We'll Remember which i will hopefully be getting to.They announced they have new stuff coming out which is very awesome.

"New HT 7" being pressed as we speak. Complete discography in the works with original 2 song HT demo, HT Equal Vision Records recordings, The Time Is Now 7" comp track, 3 previously unreleased tracks plus the 2 new 7" tracks will be included."

Tim McMahon is the singer of Hands Tied and he has also sang in some noteable youth crew bands like Face The Enemy,Triple Threat and the mighty Mouthpiece
As well as that he runs the Double Cross webzine which is an essential read on anything regarding the spirit of youth.The man has a lot of talentss and is the definition of legit.
Anyway Hands Tied have a new facebook page you can check here.
Add it up.