Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy birthday Downtown hash Brown

a few things

This will be awesome and i will be diving off everything.
In the lead up to this i will be having a chat with with Zachary on all things FAW and shite in general.He doesnt know this but its true and it will be most righteous.

In other updates tomorrow may or may not suck.Tomorrow the Bros may or may not be playing a show.The music part will still be happening but thats going to be shiiiiiiiiiite.

In the trend of some sort of update:
X Famine breaking up is total ass.Last show is Life and Death.Get amped.
X Wardogs 7",Outcast Behaviour, is banging.Head over to Carry The Weight and pick up a copy you motherfucker
X New BB songs are coming along nicely.Hopefully you will see the results of our "work" soon.Maybe.Probably not.
X I saw a labradoodle today and it licked my face.It was awesome.
X My Turn To Win are awesome and you should listen to them
X If anyone is interested(NO!) i tweet @chrisxtoday. I personally know @widexawake

I always forget this isn't a legitimate vehicle for information,local or otherwise.i have a stupid sense of importance.Or do i?

If i had a girlfriend this would be on a mixtape i would make best band ever like.

Friday, May 20, 2011

HC4C 4

there will be bouts of

and tonnes of

Go HERE and learn the words.

ALSO This Tongue Is Poison is playing this now.Stoked

Loose tunes,loose morales,loose nut

Loose Nut have recorded new songs and living with Special Ed i have been privvy to hearing the unmixed tracks and they are FUCKING BANGING.They have a mastered version of 'not a problem' up on their sound cloud page and as you can clearly here its a straight up banger.Ciarán Parnell is the new Don Fury and he did the business for them.He can hook you up too.INFO.