Monday, August 23, 2010


This band rule but you already know that.
New song up on the Deal With It myspace.
Even better live

World peace can't be done.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I like these two lads.For some reason they amuse me Even when they're drunk and talking about Black Flag tattoo's.
Or when they're hugging and talking about Black Flag tattoo's.

Anyway they play in both Loose Nut and Crowd Control
and they are going on tour and need some dollar for that and a worrying weed dependency they got going on.

Come to this anyway.The price is a suggested donation but any money you give will have to be in 'lids' or 'bones'.
Help them out.
I have also been informed that Contort are the best band in Dublin.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

i know who my bros are

guitar/polos vocals/big hoods

bass/maddest air

guitar/'tude drums/silk

Get your ass to the lower deck on the 26th and see them play with the mighty
CROWD CONTROL and LOOSE NUT + more to be announced.
Its in Portobello and it starts from half seven supposedly.
Don't be a fucking dick.What else are you going to be doing with your time?

Martin will be there!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Putting this zine together is fun but also headwrecking.Im stoked on the layout i have now though.It will be available any week now.Well maybe a month or so.well lets just say it will come out eventually.Its just a bummer my productivity kicks in around midnight.

This is my "workstation".I wake up with bits of paper in my mouth most mornings.

If theres anything you want to see or reviewed in the print or blog version let me know by mailing me at
im open to aaaaaaaanything.

I was listening to Remission putting these latest pages together.Words fail to describe how good they are.Chile has a national treasure in this band.I can't recommend these guys enough.Do it!Srsly!

Adebisi Shank

Bit of a departure from what i usually post up here but these guys rule and they have a release show this friday in the Whelans.Info HERE
this song rules

and their new record is streaming here

Mick is the nicest person ever.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


after the monster celebration of all things Dublin Hardcore i flew out to the UK with the best Glenn i know.It was an early flight that had me fuckered cause Special Ed and Lee were singing NOFX loudly and drunkenly till i fell asleep.Fuck that.
I love hanging out with Glenn though,he is seriously one of the best dudes.

On arriving in London i rendezvous'd with Mr.Alex and we set off on our way to the venue.His iphone's maps went a little crazy for a while but we found the venue by way of a cafe that sold Calpico which is one of my favourite drinks from Japan :)

The pub the show was in was awesome and had an old husky walking around.They also had vegan pizza that was awesome.But first thing was first,i was going to sleep for an hour or two on the floor of the venue

Right Idea
were playing their UK shows with the awesome Times Together which is refreshing to see an appropiate support band being chosen,it doesn't happen often.Also playing the London show were Tremors,who oddly enough last time i saw them was in my house about 9 hours ago, and Coming Through.They are the newest band joining the UK youth crew movement.My good friend Gabor sings for them.This was their first show and despite horrible sound situations they were pretty good.Turning Point cover too,can't go wrong.Also Atilla,their guitarist,is the new Porcell.Believe

Times Together and Right Idea were actually so good at this.Being tired wasn't an option.People in London don't move at smaller shows like this as i learned from the past and this was no exception.Fuck that.I danced a bit and had a great time singing along to two great bands.There was a logistics problem organising who went where and with what gear after the show but i just hung with the RI guys.They were so nice.
We said our goodbyes and headed to our various locations of sleep.

Headed back into London to get the bus to Notts and saw some class buildings

Three hours sleep to Notts was amazing.Almost as amzing as the flier for the show

What can i say?im a sucker for copy and pastes shit like this.If you disagree with me mail me at and we can talk about this and how wrong you are.

The Notts show was awesome and Times Together covered Unity and Chain,so good.People were stoked to see Right Idea.We had hung out in Nandos(delish) and after sharing toilet destroying stories,Nate, we were friends.
From the first song 'Alert!' it was just such a good time.There were pile ons(small ones) and great singalongs.I fucking love that band.They did the Wide Awake intro and covered 'Glue'.That to me is perfection.

Chuck holding it down on the set list front

obligatory crew shot

Overall this was the best weekend ever.I got to hang with some friends i never really get to see and i got to see Right Idea who blew me away.The only downer was i had to get off the plane and head straight to work to do a 13 hour shift.It was hell but i knew it was worth it for good times with friends new and old.

Gotta stick together
Gotta stick together
Gotta stick together
Gotta stick together

Like Glue Like Crew

Thursday, August 12, 2010


i need this in my life

What remains more than words?

i haven't updated this in fucking ages so expect a block of posts in the next 24 hours.

i recently had the privilege to see irish hardcore in full effect at Life And Death fest.It was an incredible three days and i got to hang with some good friends and that is the most important thing.

Thats about as solid a lineup as i could want from a local show and im stoked that a shitload of people came out for it.Some of the best sets i've seen Irish bands play went down on these two days.Most noteably Crowd Control.There were a shit tonne of people watching them and actually diving off stuff and getting into it.I probably sustained most of my injuries during that particular set.Also In Time played what i considered to be our best show at this.We covered 'Age' like.That was what we wanted to do since we started.I don't even care that no one sang along.
Well done to Robbie,Cruise and Iano for making this happen.

Lee had the awesome notion of having a Life After Death show in his house on the saturday.Having been at the other shows hes held there(including the first Forging Friendships show) i knew it was going to rule.

The line up was:
Find A Way(reunion-ish)
Famine ,who played a load of FF songs
Bang Bros

It was a lot of fun to have that many people packed into Lee's kitchen.

After very little sleep i had to get my ass to the airport to head to the UK to see two Right Idea shows and hang with some good friends over there.Thats going to be covered in an entry tomorrow.Lucky you right?

For all the awesome shit that was happening that weekend it was a bit of a bummer cause a few people were leaving and thats never good.Sean from
Find A Way was leaving to do a year in Japan,Zach was leaving for Uni in the Uk the worst vacancy will actually be the most permanent cause my boy Robbedge is moving over to the UK for a better job and to move in with his succubus of a girlfriend.Ill miss you dude,big homo.

myself and Robert broing down at 1400ft above sea level.happy birthday bro.