Thursday, December 29, 2011

updates and more bullish'

Since its been a while since i updated this blog im going to assume initial redership has plumetted so heres a recap and whats coming up:

get it while its not!

Issue 2 of this bad boy is out now but there was a bit of a small run done.I have a few left that technically promised to people but if anyone wants a copy of this piece of shit let me know.Chances they will be posted out already though...maybe.

Ish 2 had interviews with Greg Mental/Lockin Out fame,Up To Us from clevo,Outlast from the righteous New Jersey(not everyone from there is rude it would seem),Dublin's finesst Frustration,stuff on skate graphics and i try to be critical of an event i went to.
The Bang Bros

...have just come back from London after playing with Frustration,Cornered,Get wise,Speak Up and Think Twice.We could have played better but whats done is done and the night was fun.Thats the important thing right?

We had the US version of our demo for sale and sold out.If you want a copy you might be able to pick one up from the dude direct at the Lost Time store

We are also palying the UK again on January 8th.we got asked to play Outbreak fest again and we are seriously excited.The last time was insane and we had the best time ever.If you are in the UK head down and party.

Im sure there are a million things im forgetting but will post up tomorrow.I need sleep right now and a significant lie in.Christmas and ryan air flights can do bad things to a person.


crucial xxxmas

Well its been a while since i posted in here.Hopefully i sort that out.
I felt i needed to dedicate a post to a pretty awesome thing that happened.

I post on the React! board a bit and saw that they were doing a secret santa deal so decided to get involved.I missed out on the Thunder Lizard one but from what i can see it might have been for the best as some people got royally shafted.#bummer for real.
Anyway i took care of the dude i got(hopefully he likes it) and i waited to get mine.

Package arrives at my parents house and upon opening it i saw these wonders waiting for me

The man said open it so i did.inside i found
*Justice-memrobilia lp that has the elephant skin lp and the look alive 7"
*Youngblood compilation tape
*No Consequence demo
*Homemade She & Him mixtape that rules cause im in love with Zooey <3
*People Ruin Everything zine
*a tailor made zine just for me that had rad interviews with Righteous Jams,Jaguarz and my all time favourite band,Atari.Also included was lots of LOC stuff and loads of baseball stuff.Plus the cover had my attention for real
Now this dude seriously knows what i like.If this was any other circumstance i would be worried as all fuck but i know he is legit.And now i also know he is the best dude ever :)

Nab does a zine called Just Say YO! and its seriously good.I would strongly recommend you picking one up.