Monday, May 31, 2010

I have been meaning to update this sooner but im working on the print version of this and i have gone through multiple layouts.It is exciting and frustrating in equal amounts.

On the 23rd of May Find A Way played their last show for a long,long time.It was an awesome day with a solid lineup.The weather was also incredible and everyone was just up for a good time.
I can't explain how i feel when i see this band.They were doing something different to most bands in Dublin.It was just really refreshing.The mix of Kid Dynamite style lyrics and just great musicianship was just so good.
I remember their first show with The Wonder Years.Moshspace tells me it was on December 9th 2007.That makes me feel old.

Anytime i saw these guys they played a good show.Between Zachs inter song rambles and Daves dives after every set it was never a bad time.I don't know what i wanted to achieve through writing this post to be honest.I guess i just wanted to say i'll miss the shows.Also people seem to stagedive more at their shows and thats never a bad thing.

Jack,Zach,Sean,Dave and Lee.Thanks for a bigger pic

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

Im listening to Infest and sorting out layout for my zine.Good times.
Im still stuck on a few things.If you have any suggestions of shit that should be in the print version of Too Tired To Drive Home get at me on here or mail me at

This is tomorrow.I won't be there but go and mosh most.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The following conversation took place on facebook chat between 1:03am and 1:53am.
Gavin "brass knuckles" Parnell is probably the most legit dude i know.He also bought me Hulk hands for my birthday.Thats the kind of awesome guy he is.
I initially wanted to get an aspect of the band from someone who wasn't actually a member.We ended up talking about everything except Famine.

i think were alone now
Gavin:Such a good song.
Chris:Oh most def.what do you remmeber about the first ff show?
Gavin:It was in Lee's house. They were awesome. I had really long hair then. Nelly moshed and knew some of the lyrics from watching those videos they recorded in Franny's shed. Cruise fell over, didn't he?
Chris:yeah so robbie said.
i dont remember that very clearly though
Gavin:I watched the video of it recently.
I'm sure it's in that.
Everyone looked really different.
Chris:oh you know it
Gavin:We looked like we were on our way to a Norma Jean show.
Chris:well apart form Lee,Robb and me
we looked the same
Gavin:Haha, I remember that.
That was the fashion in 2006.
Chris:you know it
im actually wearing an OFAC shirt right now
Could not connect to Facebook Chat at this time.
i remember splitting the floor in the sitting room and pissing myself
Gavin:Shit, 2006?
Chris:i was stoed on a fund raiser show to fix it though
2007 bro, sorry.
did you like the name forging friendships when you first heard it?
i know Ian Fox didnt
yo you there?
piece of shit internet
Gavin:Yeah I am.
I just got up to mosh to the new Harm's Way record for a minute.
I thought it was a cool name.
It seemed more posi to me at first but I didn't care when I found out what it actually meant.
I remember hearing Derry was going to join the band but wouldn't because of the name, haha.
Imagine Derry was in Famine. memory of shows back then was long hair,huge names on fliers and no stage dives
was it really like that?
Gavin:Yeah. Ireland's first stagedive happened in 2009.
Chris:i thought as much.can you name that person?
Glenn actually pioneered stagedives in Ireland by killing himself during Emily at Chalk White Fest in 2006.
Chris:haha i dont remember that but if youre going to do it to a band i would hope it would be emily
Gavin:He dived on a bunch of girls.Not even buff girls.
Chris:liferuiner Forrest
Chris:You went on tour with Famine to Europe.How was that?
Gavin is offline.
Gavin is online.
Chris:i just connected to the fucking neighbours wireless.
i can see the fucking router from where i am
Gavin:Oh for fuck sake.
It's telling me my message is too long.
Too awesome. Probably two of the best weeks I've ever had. That tour was kind of broken up a bit. It was weird. They flew to the mainland in the middle of May to play some shows in Belgium and the Netherlands. Bitter End and True Colors were on a bunch of them. I was supposed to go but I got chickenpox the day before they left. It was the worst thing ever. They were away smoking weed and breaking their legs while the whole venue is moshing to Bitter End and I was stuck in my room for two weeks looking like a freak.
They came home for a few days after that and by the time they were leaving for tour again at the start of June, I was better so I went with them. My face was still kind of fucked up from being sick but it was fine. Jack came too. We went to the UK first and they played a few shows before we went to Europe. I say Europe but I really only mean Italy with a stop in Munich to see Terror. Italy was rad. We hung out doing nothing for ages and on the last day we discovered these massive cans of Coke. Delish like. Then we drove all the way from Rome to Dublin and it took a while. We were all really tired.
Such a good tour.

i wish i could have gone on that
medicating Robbies ass looked....entertaining
Gavin:Haha, that was the September tour that I didn't go on.
Chris:well either way its engrained in my mind
youre going out with them again with Forced Out.where are you hitting up?
Gavin:Haha, yeah. "Forced Out". On that tour we're going to be 3/5 Famine and 2/5 original members.
Haha amazing
Gavin:At the moment we're starting the tour in Birmingham and then we've got other shows in Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and maybe some other places. I haven't been paying a lot of attention.
Chris:you should leave it like that and record the rest of the instruments in your room on your pc
Chris:the beat laboratory for real
Chris:apart from the big ass cans of coke whats the best thing about shows in europe?
Gavin:Seeing Euros in their natural habitat.
Chris:haha.white crew necks and huge nikes?cause that sounds like heaven to me
Gavin:Nah, bro. Bane t-shirts. Everywhere.
Chris:that also sounds good to me.
Gavin:I can't actually remember what people wore but I know everyone in Europe loves Bane.
Chris:Thats why Europe is number 1 in....europe?
who should Famine do a split with?
Gavin:Eighteen Forever.
Chris:that would be a good split.if you said Eighteen Visions though....
mind blown
Gavin:Holy shit. I thought we were only talking about active bands but if Eighteen Visions is an option, definitely them.
Chris:oh fuck yeah
any band ever
within the realms of good taste of course
how many colours should this new record be on?
Gavin:How many colours is that Half Hearted Hero record on? Twice as many as that.
Chris:i think that was on ten
Gavin:Ten? I'm sure I saw at least fifty.
Chris:im so down with that you don't know
if i had Sams number id call him and ask
i could open a tab but you know..
what was your favourite FF/Famine shirt?
The Fuck That one.
that was a goodie
Gavin:So limited and with a message I can get behind.
Chris:what was that out of?
Gavin:25 or something. I'm pretty sure there's some that were never sold.
Chris:i want to bootleg that shit
They need to do a 2010 version.
Chris:a stash of shirts???
i need them for my vault
Gavin:Do you remember at Betrayed they were selling old shirts for like €1 each?
I was losing my mind behind the merch desk.
Chris:were people asking you how much they were?
Gavin:There were a few of the emo beatdown shirts that day I think.
I don't even think there was a price. You could pay anything.
But there was no sort of order to the shirts at all and trying to find sizes was impossible.
Chris:i picked up a few to "complete" my collection
how am i going to get that silver print hoodie you own?
can i have it when you die?
Gavin:Yes. You can have my complete Famine merch collection when I die.
Chris:can i kill you?
Gavin:I don't actually have the hoodie with gold print actually.
Please do.
Gavin:I just kept saying actually.
did you ever notice Famine actually have the most parts to circle pit to?
Gavin:Haha, out of any band in the world?
more than Walls Of Jerhico anyway
Gavin:Yeah they have some pretty fast parts.
Have you ever seen Walls Of Jericho?
we saw the at Pressure fest
Gavin:Did we?
Oh yeah, I think we did.
Chris:YES!that small bitch punched me in the ear
that fucking hurt
That fucking edge breaking cunt.
i was talking about a girl moshing in the crowd
Gavin:I thought you meant the singer from Walls Of Jericho.
Chris:fuck no.
if she punched me in the ear
im pretty sure id be dead

ok ill wind this up.
waht was your most memorable Famine/FF show?
Maybe the Moshspace anniversary 2008. I just remember them being amazing that night.
And everyone was stoked on being there.
where was that one?
fucking memory
I wish I was here for their album launch. I'm sure that was good.
that was legit
biggest venue ever
Any last thoughts on these pricks?
Best band and even better people. I can't wait to watch them while they sleep in June.
Haha awesome.
Thanks Gav <3<3
Any time.

FAMINE part 5

Finally im getting around to the last member piece for this "project" i undertook.Jon Boyce,you the man.

how did you come to play in Forging Friendships?

Their original drummer franny deciced he didn't want to be in the band anymore and the lads originally wanted me just to fill in for a few gigs that they were playing in the Uk, I was already heading over with Another Day in Hell so it made sense. I kept playing with the guys after we got back and ADIH eventually broke up and I've been in the band ever since.

what was it like coming into a band that had been playing together for a while?

I joined the band just as the guys were writing new songs so I only ever had to learn 3 of the old songs. I was involved in writing the new songs so It felt more like a new band then joining one that had been around for awhile and i already knew and got on with the lads. Joining a band that already had a bit of a following and played gigs regularly was great aswell, we were playing and recording not long after I joined.

how did you get into hardcore in the first place?

I listened to bands like Minor threat and Black Flag since I was about 15 but I always just considered them punk bands. I only started to consider hardcore a genre from listening to bands like Converge and the Dillinger escape plan and then just finding more bands from there. By the time I moved up to Dublin I was listening to alot more and started to find out about local bands and just started going to gigs. I was asked to join a joke band called Kate Mosh by Nelly and that ended up turning into Another Day In Hell.

There was nearly a one of one shirt made for that band.
you can cover one song,what is it?

Bohemian Rhapsody with all five of us doing vocals.

whats the best part of touring with the other guys?

Tour is just class. Traveling to and seeing different places is great and people have always treated us really well. It's also great to play to people you don't know and in places that are completely new to you. It keeps every gig interesting.

and the worst?

Probably just not enough sleep and some dodgy food. You do start to feel abit mental after a few hours in the van though. Cruise refusing to wear a seat belt and telling us if we crash he's going to fly around killing people like in the body to body car crash ad wasn't the best either.

who would you like most to do a split with?

Probably Blacklisted but I admire any hardcore band that tries to do things differently and keep things interesting.

are there any shows that you remember specifically?the Exploded Face show in Dorans where all your shit was on show perhaps.

As far as i remember the Dorans show was pretty uneventful, the only time we ever played with everything on show was limerick when no one turned up and we just played to lads from galway that travelled to see us. Lees house party was probably the Famine set i enjoyed the most. People doing human pyramids and diving off amps and Mac Kell taking Jacks bare foot to the face. One of the gigs we played in Poland was pretty surreal aswell, the biggest shirtless lads you've ever seen knocking the shit out of each other.

Gimme,gimme,gimme favourite
band from the 80's:

I'm torn between Metallica and Black Flag.
movie from the 90's:
Jurassic Park
local band?
There's a lot of really good bands in Dublin but id say my favorite is Crowd Control. I've never seen them play a bad show and the new songs are amazing.

how stoked are you for Bang Bros. and the ignorance that will ensue?
I can't wait. People are probably going to be pissed off that this band didn't happen sooner. I'm counting on you to say stuff like "yo' check it" in songs and be deadly serious.

Oh believe.Silk week?
We're going to get so creepy. Im not sure if i should go with a deep purple or an electric blue shirt. Which ever goes better with white pants I suppose.

any last shout outs?
Everyone who puts time and effort into putting on gigs in Dublin, all the bands that write, record and play and the people who come out to watch and support bands.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last night i dreamt the singer of Atari was sitting in my kitchen.We were talking about random shit that he had been up to.He had a box with him that i was hoping would contain some Atari shirts but i fucking woke up before i could find out.I should stop reading his Blog before i go asleep.

As i write this entry i am putting together the first issue of my zine.Im really excited about this project.I was toying with the idea of doing a zine for a long,long time so to finally be getting my shit together is quite awesome and rather unlike me.


Jogging material.Click,download and love.

Monday, May 3, 2010

So many wants in one photo.It upsets me that i will probably never own any of these in my lifetime.Heres to dreaming though.NYHC 4 LYFE.

This show is on saturday.Thats the guts of five days to listen to the songs on the myspaces and come sing along.This is also a matinee so bring your X'd up construction gloves.
For more deets get on here