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FAMINE part 4

From playing the early days of Forging Friendships to last night singing 'total eclipse of the heart' Ian Kelly has been the mouthpiece(NO Moutpiece)of a band that i've had the privilege of seeing grow from a new band with a name Ian Fox didn't approve of to the forefront of Irish hardcore.I am also lucky enough to consider Iano a good friend and he very kindly agreed to answer a few questions i had to put to him.

Roughly when did Forging Friendships come into being?
I want to say december 2006?? is that right? haha

What was your aim when you started?
Just to have a good time really. I had been writing a bunch of stuff that i didnt have an outlet for so when the idea of getting a band going came up i was stoked. I had wanted to sing in a band for a while but hadnt had the chance prior to FF starting.

What motivates you to write?Or rather what keeps you writing?

I think that if i didnt sing in this band i would go crazy. Everyone needs an outlet and famine is mine. even if its only for 15 minutes a week it helps. i used to write everything on the bus but i havnt done that since i moved for some reason. basically without this band i would be the most bitter prick in the world. ha i bet everyone reading this is thinking that i am but the people close to me will tell you how much i have chilled out over the last couple of years.

weve heard some of the songs off the 7" the last few shows
youve played.What subject matter do you cover lyrically on
this record?

i guess what im trying to say in the new songs is how more and more i feel like i dont fit in. how i dont see friends as much as id like and how i know thats my fault as much as anyone elses. how im so afraid of change and how i wish i had i had more memories to look back on.

I remember your first show in Lee's house like it was yesterday.I had a beard something to similar to yours now.What do you remember from that show/day?

i remember like 4 dudes wearing the same OFAC shirt. haha. I also remember some mother fucker burning a whole in the guns up shirt i was wearing. I cant even discribe how nervous i was. I remember dave doyle know the lyrics to that bit "so sick of fucking pretending...." best dude. Are many of the people that were at that show still around??

Oh not at all haha.Can you explain your first shirt design?

the clock tower one?? i think it had something to do with the lyrics to the trick is to keep living. it was a black shirt, with white print. it was really badly printed i think. did any of them survive more than afew washes?? post pics if you still have one. or are you talking about the bravestar shirt??

No i was on about the clock tower one.The ink was a bit dodgey.It looks like theres jizz on it.Im still into it though.
Bill Hauser did the art fot ERLBH,how did that come about?

How good is that lad like?? incredible. Basically we needed to get the artwork done pretty quick and matteo hooked us up with a few people he knows and we decided to go with bill. best decision.

Is there any insight into the moon logo?
Im defo digging it.

i dont think there is. Claire Lennon drew it. She is an amazing artist from Dublin. people who dont know her should check out her stuff. Did you get a tote bag?? ha did you know i have the moon tattooed on my left arm??

I have seen that indeed.Its preety sweet.
I remember going to England playing shows with you guys.It was the first time either of us played outside the country.How was that for you?

Strange,so strange. It was a great experience. i had the best time hanging out, but no one gave a shit about us, which is understanable. we were so shit like, haha. Looking back on it i cant help but think we got fucked over. We didnt get places to stay and bands that had come from an hour down the road got paid and stuff when we didnt. Hotel hangouts were sweet though. Fuck little chef.

Hotel hangouts were sweet.Ill never look at a travelodge without thinking about sneaking a million people into a room past the reception.Do you remember pulling the neck off Gavs shirt?
Hes still pissed about that.

id like to think im not as much of an arsehole as i was back then. sorry gav.

Do you remember the first show you guys played that people were singing along?

I think it was maybe at an all ages in voodoo or something?? i actually cant remember.

So far,your most memorable moment?

Lees 2nd house show. best night of my life.
Tour last summer was awesome. so many high points. i just remember being in rome thinking am i actually in rome.

Outside of hardcore what are you listening to right now?

A whole bunch of stuff. Transit, Man overboard, Taylor Swift, The Wonder Years, Basement and some singer song writer stuff.

Do you remember this show?

haha how could i forget. was that from the first tour?? didnt some really drunk girl try to kiss cruise?? i remember after the show a bunch of people went to a rave in a warehouse. they described it as a scene from batman where all the bad dudes are just hanging out. huge dogs on chains and shit. i remember we lost franny and i rang him and told him if he wasnt back in 5 minutes id ring his mum hahaha. best times.

Whats next for Famine?

a 7 inch by the end of the summer.
euro tour with forced out in june.
US and Canada tour in September.

I am so pissed i have holes in my Famine shirt collection.I want you announce i have missing shit at your next show and demand people to help me out!

i will do that for sure. what are you missing???
The zip up out of two and the grren shirt with three boxes on it.Im going to be bitter as fuck till i get them.Bitter and ignorant.

Rain On The Parade-body bag ep
Rain On The Parade-fired up demo
Where Fear and Weapons Meet-the weapon
Dancehall Crashers-purr
Appleseed Cast-low level owl volume II

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

REACT! showcase 2010

This was probably the best weekend of my life.I got to see so many amazing bands and got to meet people i've been trading with for a while now.Everyone i met at the show was super nice and it was clear everyone was there for the same thing.It was like being at Fenders ballroom circa 1989.
This truly was a time we'll remember.

And home...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

FAMINE 3:Cruise Control

What can i say about Stephen Cruise?Not enough to do him the justice he deserves. so i wont delay on this intro.

You play bass in Famine,ex Forging Friendships.How is that going for you?
It's going pretty good. Touring with this band is always the funniest thing ever and getting the opportunity to tour and put out records is amazing.

Are there any bands that influenced your bass sound?

Yeah Blacklisted for sure. I love the bass sound on the beat goes on.

I can dig that.That record is incredible.What is your current set up?

At the moment i have a Fender Jazz bass with an Ampeg svt 450h head. Im using some ashdown cab that Iano has too. Soon i will have enough cash to get me an Orange Ad200B though which will be too delish. I'm gonna try get an Ampeg 8x10 cab too.

Thats baller.
What can you tell me about this photo?

Thats the running order for the second and last show on our first mini tour with First Death.I think the venue was the Minerva. I had such a good time doing them shows. I wish we could do a reunion tour with Another Day In Hell too.

What band would you like most to do a split with and why?

Probably Bitter End because I can't stop listening to them and everything they have put out is amazing.

What has been the best thing about being in Famine?

Getting to play shows in so many places and people actually wanting to see us is pretty crazy. I also love being a creep with Robbie on tour.

Favourite show you played?

I can't choose between the album launch in Andrews Lane or the show in Lees kitchen. Both shows were amazing and it was awesome to see so many people out for them.

You tour quite a bit.Whats your highlight of the bands touring life?and whats your favourite thing to do on tour?

I think the best thing that happened on tour was getting to see Terror and Trapped under ice in Germany. That was the best and funniest show i have ever been at. I had such a good time watching dudes spin kick each other in the head to Always the hard way. Playing a few shows with Bitter End and True Colors last year was really cool too.
My favourite thing to do on tour is playing shows and going mental.

I know you have a bit of a boner for Modern Warfare.How bad do you wanna do camo coloured vinyl?I'd buy that shit in an instant.

I would fucking love to have digital camo vinyl. I didn't think it was possible though.

Whats the deal with Robbies ankles?

I have no idea.

Do you still think there is a unity ideal in hardcore today

I think that totally depends on the place. Some places we play on tour you really notice and and other places seem to be totally different. In Dublin i think there is. Everyone is pretty supportive of every band and there is always people willing to help out people who are putting on shows.

I hear you're good friends with member(s) of Drug Test.Why the fuck are you answering this and not bugging them to do a reunion?I dont even care if none of them are straight anymore.

Haha i only know the singer Ricky from Xbox. I'm always asking him to get Drug Test back together. I don't think it's gonna happen though so I'm gonna have to cover Down The Stairs in a band.

I remember the first time i saw you play bass was at that xfactorx show doing Minor Threat covers.How was that and did it come about?
Well we knew that covers night thing was coming up and Conor and I really liked Minor threat so after a while of me chickening out we decided to do it. Grabbed some hardcore dudes and started practicing.

Did i ever tell you youre my favourite bassist in dublin hardcore right now?Eddie can get fucked.

No you never told me that. Thanks a lot man. Fuck off Eddie.

Minor Threat aside what band from the 80's would you do a cover set of?

Who you wanna shout out?

Thanks to everyone who comes to our shows and supports this band and thanks to Hurry Up Records for helping us put out our shit.

Famine have fresh new shirts up on their webstore.This is the design.


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