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A good dude by the name of Arty is getting low in the Russian territories and pointed out some good bands out his way.Hes getting a couple of crucial dudes together and when they have jams they will be posted up here.He was also awesome enough to have the patience to wait over a month for the BB shit we sent to him.Thanks for the heads up dude.

Bluesbreaker from Kiev kinda threw me with the intro but they are playing hard riffs with i guess Go It Alone vocals.I dunno,im terrible at comparing bands sound.If they do sound like GIA its a harder 'Histories' era vocals.The nearest comparison i can get for these dudes is if Frustration were playing in the late 90's.'Break the blues' is a BANGER!

The Pack from Moscow are playing a modern version of DYS/SSD Boston style.Its pretty good.I could definitely creepy crawl to it.

Aspire from the Ukraine are a kinda heavy 90's Outspoken i want to say.Maybe 108.Again i am terrible at comparing bands.I am am awesome however at pointing people that look like other people despite what fucking Gav says.Fuck him.

Lots of good shit coming in from the east.

CONTROL live in Dublin

Heres a little video from Controls set in Dublin.It was a banger.Thank you Roger
I recorded the whole of their set but i cant get the time,or internet connecion, to upload it.Its from a shitty angle anyway.Soon though.Promise.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Atari appriciation part 1:TTTDH and Carpenter Ant split

If you know me you will know im somewhat taken with a little band called Atari.To me they are perfect 90's posi core and are the epitomy of all things good about hardcore.Plus they always skated whats not to like about that?!

The print version of this blog was kicked into gear from an interview i was lucky enough to do with Brett.My good friend Jay hooked it up.I have said enough awesome things about Jay on here before,he'll get a big head, so just check out his blog.Brett was also awesome and entertained my stupid questions.Everything about this band is awesome.As such i have been meaning to do a blog entry focussing on their records.They always seemed to put extra effort into what they put out.From the screen printed covers to the different sleeves they did.Be it stop gap solutions cause other shit didn't get done in time or just special releases like the last show and the Double Decker sleeve(which i am currently missing in my collection.If any one of the ten people who follow this blog has it please get at me) it just felt special.

Then of course there was the fucking trading cards that were included with the 'too tired to drive home' 7"!They just rule.It was something that appealed to me and bands just dont do shit like anymore.Control said they would.Lets just see if they do.I also happen to have in my posession three Brett Bartos.If anyone wants to trade get at me.

Too Tired To Drive Home

My knowledge of pressings are somewhat limited so what i know for def i have noted down.
Click for bigger pics.Apologies in advance for shitty quality of pics.

Canadian tour press /200

Last show press 23/25
I kinda lucked out on this.I got it from a dude who was selling his Atari collection cause he was moving.I talked with him while i was saving up to buy his stuff.He super awesome and had the same enthusiasm for the band i did.He had some records that i couldnt afford at the time and in the mean time he moved to Malaysia i think.Im so bummed cause i know ill probably never see those records again.Marc,if by some freak occurance you are reading this get in contact.

this is what definitely sums up this band

Atari/Carpenter Ant split

I had heard the name Carpenter Ant from some blogs as they were a skateable band but hadn't heard them.When i found out they did a split with Atari it was only a matter of when i was going to own this record.The Thrasher cover 7" came in the crucial package i got from Marc.He really helped me out with my collection.Much love dude.

Thasher cover /25

regular cover /400

And to follow in true Double Cross style i thought i would throw up a part or two from the interview Brett was kind enough to help me out with for my zine.(of which there are still some still available.Get at me

Ok first off, on the discography is it Andrew or Nate who asks the crowd to dive the other way?

haha. that was actually the sound guy getting on mic and saying all that stuff. since the show was being recorded for a live release, he had all sorts of equipment there. people were diving into and off of his speakers. things were definitely getting knocked around so i can't say i blame him. oh man, i wonder how many people thought it was one of us bitching like that?

It would seem every incarnation of Atari met at KU. did any other bands come out of there?

yeah there were tons of bands based out of Kutztown. when Atari was active some of the other bands in the Kutztown scene included: the Jazz June, Rain on the Parade, Bobbycork, Grieving Eucalyptus, Regular, Javelin, Lanyard, Stillwater and the Ick. Rain on the Parade and Regular were really the only other hardcore bands. the others spanned the musical spectrum from "emo" and noise to indie rock and pop punk. some bands had 2 or 3 or even 4 overlapping members including Atari and the Jazz June. at a basement show off campus, ALL the members of Atari and the Jazz June played a short set together. we called ourselves "Voltron Super Band" and we had 2 drum kits, 4 guitars, 2 basses and 3 vocalists. we played an intro, an original and covered the Misfits' Some Kind of Hate. a lot of the shows on campus were really varied music-wise which i always thought kept things interesting. there would be 2 or 3 local bands and then 1 or 2 touring bands. the whole scene was great. we'd have hardcore kids, crust punks, skaters and hippies all crammed in a basement. it was just cool to see everyone supporting live/local music. k-town mosh krew pride!

Do you feel like you lived up to your plan of having the Turning Point existence as a band?
yes i do. actually if you review what i wrote in the discography liner notes regarding this "plan" you'll see we executed it to a T!

I never knew you were around before Rain On The Parade. What was it like having them as contemporaries?
well while the "idea" of Atari may have been around a year or two before Rain on the Parade, i believe they were a fully functioning band slightly before we were. i met Ronny Little through Nate my freshman year at Kutztown. they knew each other for a few years by then from going to shows in their hometown area. I thought ROTP was awesome. they definitely had a distinct sound that set them apart. i really dug Ronny's lyrics too. their '95 summer tour demo and the Body Bag ep are my favorite material by them. since both ROTP and Atari were based out of Kutztown, we got to play tons of shows together which was always cool. both bands recorded at Signal Sound Studios in Quakertown, PA quite often and on occasion we'd attend each other's sessions to lend a hand with backing vocals or just hang out and give support.

Tell me about your honorary #1 fan from Las Vegas.

Bobby Francis! we just loved his name and the fact that he was from Vegas and i think his letter just said, "Please send me a demo - Bobby Francis". we made him a limited edition demo layout and recorded some extra stuff at the end of his tape. just us sitting around bullshitting talking about random topics. actually, we did that with a few demos but Bobby was always our favorite. we all hope he is doing well and enjoying life.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday chillin

Work has been good so far.

Right Idea props added to it being a good day.I love those guys/that band.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Seeing as they are playing here on the 19th of this month(FEBRUARY) i thought i'd catch up with Iain who sings for them.He's a good dude.Sometimes.When he's willing to cut sleeves off oxford shirts he is.

Iain,how are things?
I am good mate, just looking forward to coming to my favourite city Dublin and seeing you lot.

Can you tell me how long Control has been a band?

Only been a band for about 6-7 months now, maybe a bit longer.
I have a shit memory and cant even remember our song titles.

whos in the band and what do they do?

There's me on vocals, Jonny on guitar, Anth on bass, Mr Pacey on drums and we just added Ste on 2nd guitar. I supply the fashion sense, Jonny provides the (v)edge, Anth supplys shit covers to distract us, Mr Pacey supplys bad time keeping and Ste will provide us with fancy amps.

Why the fuck has it taken you so long to get over to Dublin?

I just don't know mate, been trying to arrange it for ages. I would live in Dublin if i could, i love the place and literally have an awesome time hanging out whenever i am over.

I know you guys have a few covers you guys play.I hear UC is among them.Can you assure me you will play it here?I wont take no for an answer.....

We will play your choice of cover mate, we may even play 2 cause set isnt long. its always good to play covers that i enjoy even when people dont know what it is but thats part of the point of playing covers, that someone might hear it and check that band out.

See what i did there?

I did, it was sneeky. I wish we could play NFAA but not anything off Thought Crusade, fuck that. I wanna cover Without a Reason.

That wasn't even on purpose!i could never be that clever.
You've been involved with hardcore for a long time.What keeps you here?

I have been around for a few years now, not as long as others but a while. I have to be honest and say hardcore is my life, i wouldnt have any of the friends i have, live where i live, have experienced so many awesome shows and been to Belgium and back in a day if it wasnt for hardcore.
I may not be as enthusiastic as i was but like everyone, as i've got older its changed for me. I see a massive change in the way hardcore is now from when i first started going to shows, some good, some bad but in the end i couldnt live without it.

What was the first band you saw that made you go "fuuuuuuuuuuck"?

It would have to be seeing The Last Chance/The Break In and Spitfire Down at Ninjafest in like 2002/3 maybe. Before that i had been to a couple of shows in Scotland where the bands were good but there was nothing like that weekend. So many people singing along, moshing, diving. A sea of X'd up fists ( i wasnt edge at that point, but i wish it had inspired me to sack off getting drunk) was so awesome. Got to see Terror that weekend to, i knew every word to LOTL and it was amazing.

When we going to see a 7" and am i going to get a test?

I wish, i am trying to talk a few different bands into doing a split with us. Seems like the best chance for someone to do a record for us as we havent had much interest yet. I would love to do a 7" as i feel the more songs we write, the better they get. Nice crew shot on the back, AlexB artwork on the front and some free baseball cards inside....just like a certain record you enjoy.
Oh and you will definately get a test press, if you promise to come over and do back ups !

Are you dudes going to be touring this summer?

We are currently trying to book a euro tour for august, had a few shows planned in Portugal and decided it would be cheaper and way more fun to play some shows on the way there and the way back. Rafael and Impact Bookings are trying to sort it out for us, i believe it will happen. Hopefully get to play Dublin again in the summer and we are meant to be doing some shows with Rip It Up and Wardogs later in the year.
Pressure/Critical Point are touring the UK in September and i'd love to get on some shows with those guys.

What will it take for you to bust out the mosh shorts you were sporting at the "last" Justice show?

Ha Ha Ha i am much more sensible these days, i may bust them out during the summer if iam over. I am much smarter these days ! I was all over the stage mosh during DM at that show....ha ha

I know you know good stuff cause you quoted Atari lyrics on moshspace,are you down with the whole Teamwork buzz?
I love Atari mate, i need to find that zine with the big Atari interview a guy did in a UK zine a few years ago. You'd love it.
I have to be honest and tell you i couldnt name another band on Teamwork or tell you much about it. I know i am letting you down here ! All i know is Up Front is the best Atari song and We'll Be Fighting is the best record.

Whos the most underrated band from the 90's?
Hmm, hard question. I would say that although not technically underrated, Undertow should be talked about much more. I would go as far as to say they may the best edge band of the 90s. Theres a statement for you !

Essential Nike?

I may have to go a bit new school and say that my own essential Nike is the Air Max 90 Current. I have 4 different colourways of that shoe and it is by far the most comfortable Nike i have worn. I also have a soft spot for a nice pair of Safari's. I wanna hear your essential Nike ?
Oh thats easy Nike air force IIIs,Jordan II's and IIIs(of course) and possibly air revoloution if im feeling saucy.If we can expand into Adidas,Ewings.
Fastbreak or Mainstrike?

I have to go for Fastbreak there mate, can i not choose Floorpunch over both ?

3 things you could not live without?

My iphone, my girlfriend (yeah, yeah) and my friends.

Thanks again Chris for being a dude, CCHC, everyone of my friends in Dublin and Southampton FC

You can get all the details of the show HERE

Get low.Get real low.

Starters ON TOUR

Yes its true and hopefully this time they won't get ripped off.
Starters hitting YOUR town with Such Gold and Koji.



*Denotes Koji as support

the poster was done by Claire

2004 was a good year

I was a huge Bad Religion fan when i was younger.I mean i still am.I can listen to any album and still enjoy it more than most hardcore released today.I just mean i was a HUGE fan.
These photos were taken in 2004 i think it might have been the second time i'd seen them.This was the 'process of belief' tour.I remember the show being awesome for many reasons.The first would have been talking to Greg Hetson while he was walking around the venue before the show.He was super cool and super old looking.I have a photo with him somewhere that i will root out one of the days when i come to my parents house and arrange the "vault" properly.

The other thing that made this show awesome was getting upstairs in the lobby of the Ambassador where the backstage area was.Jay Bentley was on hand to sign a drum skin from the show that night.It was unreal.I had never been so fucking amped in my life.Jay Bentley was THE man as far as i was concerned.I got to meet the band and they signed my copy of the 'stranger than fiction' 7" i had.It was a prety surreal moment and i got genuinely tongue tied.Especially when Brooks Wackerman asked if i wanted him to sign it considering he didn't play on the record.In the instance of Pete Finestone not being around i gave him the all clear.I didn't really say that but im sure they would have laughed at that.We all would have been friends and i tagged along for the rest of the tour.Oh if only.
Brian Baker gave me a slice of pizza as well.Brian Baker....
I managed to croak some sort of gibberish before i left them to be Bad Religion.

look at my jaw!!!!!

And that is why 2004 was a good year.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


So my best friend is in Japan right now.She has a tumblr thats documenting what she sees and it makes me miss a.Tokyo and b.her more and more.I plan on going over there to visit her and i need to raise funds.In order to do that i guess im going to have to sell some records.Now this is something i hate doing but work sucks and desperate times yadda yadda.if you see anything on my HYE list mail me at and we'll see what happens.
I absolutely will not sell any Atari records.However if you have something im missing i will buy(dont tell Laura) or trade anything on there with you.

staying posi in JPN

In the spirit of the blog i think its only right i feature something Japanes and crucial.I have just the thing...

Inside are a great youth crew band playing right now.They recently played with Floorpunch over there and i bet they were pretty awesome.I have been listening to their demo and its pretty good.It is in Japanese but i dont feel that detracts from it.If anything it gives it more identity.
And clock out the Strife cover they bust out.Tight.


have shit to sell also.BIGCARTEL
They are good dudes and supporting them is like supporting all that is good in the world.
Im wearing this right now and loving it.

Hear to them here

Times Together

have new shirts up for sale on their bigcartel and they are belters.

With a name like that,its an Atari song, there is no doubt i love these guys.It also is a bonus that they are four of the best dudes ever.James drops knowledge on all sorts of euro hardcore that ever occured and is still as into this band as the day they started.You can catch some of said knowledge over at his blog.Help them out and buy three colours of those shits.I know i will.I got to keep my collection up to date like.If you like all things Wishingwell you will most definitely be into them and you can hear them on myspace.
Their latest 7" on Just Another Day is an exquisite collection of bangers contained on a single piece of wax

This is the aftermath of the Times Together/Right Idea show in Nottingham last year.Definitely one of the most enjoyable shows i have ever attended.

The crucialest dudes you will ever come across.


Friday, February 4, 2011


The Loosest of Nut played with Supertouch in Wales last month.On one of the rare moments of forward thinking i am capable of i ran over to the travelodge(other budget travel taverns are available)to grab my to see if i could film the set.It turned out alright and here are the links to the videos on youtubes.They are in order of the set.

Victim in pain(AF)/health trip
inside/empty threat
start to sink
nut loose/not a problem

Get loose.

Resolve-fall sessions 09

Came home to this tonight.I have NO recollection of ordering them.
Resolve rule though.I WILL get to see them live one day!

I really like the cover art for this 7" its kinda similar in style to the lp cover.Just clean and nice.
Apart from that the record is fucking awesome you should do yourself a favour and pick up a copy HERE.You seriously will not regret it.

I had the privilege of meeting Mike when i was in Cali for the React! showcase and he was possibly one of the mainest dudes i met.And i met a lot of main dudes on that trip.
Jimmie,Kyle,Rune,Fred,Blake:Miss you dudes!My bros from OC too.

Crows in full effect

Crows are releasing a tape at the show with Control on the 19th of february.The new songs sound class and were recorded to a high degree by on mr.Ciarán parnell.Dont let that acoustic guitar fool you,dude knows whats up!

Anyway the lads have their shit together and the tracks are up to hear on their bandcamp so go on over there and give them a listen


This was my first attempt at a flier.Release ftw.
Theres no time on the flier cause you should be ready to mosh at a seconds notice.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I want this more than anything else.More than a copy of 'cant close my eyes' with the Batman stamp even.

Northern Wolfpack!

Control are a very crucial band from the UK who play fast hardcore and they rule.
They are playing in Dublin on the 19th of February and will rock.
Clock their bandcamp to get a sneak what you'll be wont regret it.