Thursday, December 29, 2011

updates and more bullish'

Since its been a while since i updated this blog im going to assume initial redership has plumetted so heres a recap and whats coming up:

get it while its not!

Issue 2 of this bad boy is out now but there was a bit of a small run done.I have a few left that technically promised to people but if anyone wants a copy of this piece of shit let me know.Chances they will be posted out already though...maybe.

Ish 2 had interviews with Greg Mental/Lockin Out fame,Up To Us from clevo,Outlast from the righteous New Jersey(not everyone from there is rude it would seem),Dublin's finesst Frustration,stuff on skate graphics and i try to be critical of an event i went to.
The Bang Bros

...have just come back from London after playing with Frustration,Cornered,Get wise,Speak Up and Think Twice.We could have played better but whats done is done and the night was fun.Thats the important thing right?

We had the US version of our demo for sale and sold out.If you want a copy you might be able to pick one up from the dude direct at the Lost Time store

We are also palying the UK again on January 8th.we got asked to play Outbreak fest again and we are seriously excited.The last time was insane and we had the best time ever.If you are in the UK head down and party.

Im sure there are a million things im forgetting but will post up tomorrow.I need sleep right now and a significant lie in.Christmas and ryan air flights can do bad things to a person.


crucial xxxmas

Well its been a while since i posted in here.Hopefully i sort that out.
I felt i needed to dedicate a post to a pretty awesome thing that happened.

I post on the React! board a bit and saw that they were doing a secret santa deal so decided to get involved.I missed out on the Thunder Lizard one but from what i can see it might have been for the best as some people got royally shafted.#bummer for real.
Anyway i took care of the dude i got(hopefully he likes it) and i waited to get mine.

Package arrives at my parents house and upon opening it i saw these wonders waiting for me

The man said open it so i did.inside i found
*Justice-memrobilia lp that has the elephant skin lp and the look alive 7"
*Youngblood compilation tape
*No Consequence demo
*Homemade She & Him mixtape that rules cause im in love with Zooey <3
*People Ruin Everything zine
*a tailor made zine just for me that had rad interviews with Righteous Jams,Jaguarz and my all time favourite band,Atari.Also included was lots of LOC stuff and loads of baseball stuff.Plus the cover had my attention for real
Now this dude seriously knows what i like.If this was any other circumstance i would be worried as all fuck but i know he is legit.And now i also know he is the best dude ever :)

Nab does a zine called Just Say YO! and its seriously good.I would strongly recommend you picking one up.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Come get low

Carry The Weight fest II

So this happened a few weeks ago.Needless to say a great time was had by all. Carry The Weight put on a really well run show.
Theres a write up on it in my zine.I can't stress enough it is NOT a review but a write up of good times i had at this.

Anyway here are a few vids from this.
Righteous Dans:
Part 1

Part 2

Some of my finest mosh features here at so proud

I got to pit party with one of my goodest friends Robbedge during this.I miss that prick a good bit.

On Thin Ice


Serious balaclava and chain action.WDC RIP

Waste Human

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Drive is a great movie.And without doubt Ryan Gosling is the man.
This song was featured in the first few minutes of the flick but the whole soundtrack is a non-stop banger


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gav couldn't help papping the vocal tracks for the Bang Bros 7".
Motherfucker dropping on I Drink Milk sooon

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Go Like this shit!


Straight & Alert is a French independent distro born during 2009 summer from our addiction for vinyl records and Hardcore music. Import hard to find records, introduce new bands to friends, share knowledge, have more records…always more records.
Here are our motivations to get ahead.

Hardcore, punk, metal, indie… Straight & Alert’s musical landscape doesn’t cease to change and evolve, as ours, and isn’t gonna stop.

Straight & Alert has started in a scene, where strong values and ideals are shared. Stand up for them is one of our struggle.

Take a stand, Take a new look at yourself.
You have to be STRAIGHT & ALERT.

Alexis / Straight & Alert


Im flying back on the day of this but will somewhere else in time.Fucking timezones.

The Ticket write up on Irish metal

Good dudes Drainland get a great mention in this piece.Go on lads.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bang Bros updates,recap and bullshit

Sooo last weekend we went over to the United states of kingdom to play Outbreak fest with our most beloved dudes Frustration.
It involved an awful lot of travelling, posing, sleeping and alcohol/energy drinks.It was unreal.

We got to play with some awesome bands.Honourable mentions to Deal With It, Wardogs and Broken Teeth.We missed IronxCurtain due to the travel time.Im bummed as really wanted to check them out.their demo is sick.I DRINK MILK CREW!!!!Needless to say it was a truly awesome time and hanging out with some awesome people is always a plus.the dudes putting that shit on did a real good job.You can read a review of the show here.

Bang Bros-intro/what if

Frustration-last will and testament (serious banger/quality)

Aside from the shennanigans that "tour" brought us, berroca sprite and Eddies hat(rip),we managed to get our shit together and do some recording.Guitars are going down tomorrow and vocals on still sick so it could turn out pretty funny.Ciaran Fury is doing this new joint and it will find its way onto vinyl available from I Drink Milk.We are stoked.


Life and Death 2011

Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?!!?!?!11!

DEAL WITH IT (Reflections Return to Dublin)


(NL - 6131 records)

(Wales - new record out in September!)

NO REALITY (Birmingham)


w/ LOCAL HARDCORE such as;

FAMINE (LAST SHOW) (46records)











Saturday, September 3, 2011

we're going to the UK again.

We're heading over with Frustration to play Outbreak fest

Saturday 11th September.
WARDOGS (Last Ever Northern Show)
CROSSBREAKER (Record Release Show)
BANG BROS (Ireland)


Also cant wait to go absolutely mental to Cornered

Kickstart my....van?

He brought you 'trust'.he brought you different people rocking and walking together now you can help him get a van.

Clock his Kickstarter if you wanna help.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Certified banger

Backtrack have a new song up on their page.Fuck!

Remission X Amendment records

Chile!How many bands do you know from here?If the answer is none WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?

Remission have been tearing it up since 2008 and have been expanding outwards ever since that has resulted in them putting out their 'Wings of Promise' 7" on React.As a result they are playing the React records showcase in Gilman on September 23-24.
I finally get to see these guys play and can't convey how excited i am.

If you wanna hear how awesome Remission are clock tunes on their myspace and then immeadiately go buy their shit from the Amendment store.You can also pick up their split with the awesome Police and Thieves there.So good.

For the first issue of my zine i talked to Philippe who sings for Remission.He's a good dude.A very good dude.

Philippe, can you give me a bit of a history of Remission?

Four friends came together in mid 2008 to start a new band. This band wouldn't be straight edge and would have no specific lines to follow in song writing though we have been compared to Verbal Assault and 411 which is a major compliment. After a few songs and live shows, we recorded a 3 song demo cd to get our music out to our friends and public. Add some more playin, lots of practicing, and in early 2009 we recorded our debut lp entitled "Accept". This came out thanks to Amendment records in the middle of the year and just recently sold out. We perform at a slow pace having shows aprox. once a month and are very happy with how things have worked out for us. We're writing new songs and just released the demo in 7inch form with the collaboration of Tribute fanzine from Germany.

What brought you to hardcore and what keeps you here?

My introduction to hardcore music was through late 90s skate videos. Once I heard Minor Threat, Dag Nasty and 7 Seconds I was instantly hooked. Creating music, seeing my friends and being part of a positive, aware and exciting counterculture is what keeps me here.

Was this your first band?

This is my third band. Three years ago I played bass in a band called Approach and sang in another band called Remains To Be Seen. Both were straight edge hardcore and shared members. Daniel who plays guitar in Remission played in both as well. Parallel to Remission, Cristian who plays drums and myself started up an emo band where he has switched to guitar duties and I sing in spanish, our native tongue.

The first time i heard you guys was through my friend Alex. We were on a bus and he insisted i listen to the songs he had. I was blown away. How long was Accept in the making?

Awesome, thanks to both you and Alex. Accept took a little less than a year to complete. First the song writing, then recording it in a week and afterwards mixing and mastering which took a long time.

This may sound like a token question but is there anyone band that influenced your sound?

There's tons. Musically and lyrically there's hints of Verbal Assault, Farside, 411, Outspoken, Uniform Choice and Reason To Believe.

I would liken you to maybe Outspoken if im describing you to friends do you think thats a fair comparison?
I guess not since Outspoken's records have lots of coherence within the song's style. Our lp is hard to pinpoint as so many of the songs sound different from each other. They're a great band. Sometimes hanging out we'd all watch the reunion show vhs from '98 and it's so good.

What is Remissions touring history like? And more importantly when will you get to Europe?

Dude we have never toured haha. We've only left the city twice, once to go to Talca and the other to Concepcion. Both are cities in Southern Chile. We would love to tour next year but first we'd like to have a new 7" and Lp to show for. It could happen in the U.S or Europe if we don't break up for stupid reasons.

What has been your most memorable moment in Remission?

This is kinda embarrasing but I guess it was playing a show when we first started out where none of the four fucked up a song and played a perfect set haha. Leaving in my grandmother's honda with a tape player to play down south was very cool also and the moment we received our first vinyl release colored purple was excellent as well.

Ok, vinyl. Is there any band in particular you collect? I am aware you are a big Dag Nasty fan.

I collect Verbal Assault, One Step Ahead and Dag Nasty records. Those bands I adore. Besides them, my goal is to get almost every record I really enjoy in vinyl format though it's hard because I'm down to the more expensive ones. My collection is almost all hardcore and several melodic hardcore and emo records.

Whats your favourite piece of wax you own?

Dag Nasty - Can I Say, the most perfect Lp ever written.

If you could do a split with any band ever, who is it? And what colour vinyl would you press it on?

So many to name, but I'd go with Reason To Believe on black vinyl. Naturally I could have named bands that I like far more but I wouldn't want to fuck up their legacy, plus I'm taking a more personal and emotional direction on the lyrics which would work well with RTB.

What do you do outside Remission?

I study graphic design and work at a nightclub 3 nights a week. I love to spend time with my girlfriend, I skateboard a little bit and try and get a tennis match once a week with Cristian and Daniel from Remission.

Whats next for Remission?

We want to record 5-6 songs in July. 2 or 3 to be used for a new 7" and the remaining songs for a split 12" perhaps although that last part isn't final. Keep playing, keep expressing ourselves and creating beautiful music haha. Eventually quit being lazy and playing more gigs outside of our city is another goal of ours to fulfill. Thanks so much for the questions and the support. Hugs.

Remission are also on tour stateside in the lead up to the React showcase.If you are near any of these shows i urge you to go.You won't be disappointed.

Sept 14th - Brooklyn, NY - Party Expo - 7pm $8
w/ Sacred Love, Don't Give A Fuck, State of Disgrace

Sept 15th - York, PA - The Skid Row Garage - 7pm $5
w/ Mindset, KOJI, Daylight, Praise

Sept 16th - Baltimore, MD - Charm City Art Space - 7pm $5
w/ KOJI, Police & Thieves, Peace, Reservoir

Sept 17th - Richmond, VA - Grace Street Mansion - 7pm $6
w/ Mindset, Break Away (Record Release!), Free Will

Sept 18th - Silver Spring, MD - The Quarry House Tavern - 1:30pm Matinee!
w/ Mindset, Police & Thieves, 1 more tba

Sept 20th - San Diego, CA
w/ Give, Fell To Low

Sept 22th - Santa Barbara, CA
w/ Give, Fell To Low

Sept 23th - Berkley, CA - REACT SHOWCASE

Sept 24th - Berkley, CA - REACT SHOWCASE

Sept 25th - Redding, CA
w/ Give, Devotion

Friday, August 26, 2011


I won't be here for this and am beyond gutted.Details here


BUT fuck all these gigs.The only dates that matter are 11th and 12th of November.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chip over at xSTUCK IN THE PASTx is selling a shit tonne of shirts and hoodies to raise bills.Go help him out.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

this is tonight

Crowd Control

Wizards of Firetop Mountain

Fag Enablerz


Bang Bros



This would almost make me want to be a Rangers fan

...but that will never happen.No way no how.Phillies for life.linkage to an interview with CJ wilson pitcher with the Texas Rangers.

Julian is a kid doing shit right and talking to some awesome people along the way on his PMA kid website/blog deal.His dad,who is also a good dude,is helping him out with things too.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Times Together new jammage

Berminghams very best export Times Together have a new song up on the Anger Battery site.Just follow the link and listen to this banger.And it is indeed a banger.

Realising dreams of all fans of Wishing Well records since 2006 Times Together are serious dudes with serious jams.They play in the style of Uniform Choice and Unity which is an IMMEDIATE plus in anyone with a clues books.Believe.
I missed them on the Poison Planet tour but thanks to technology you can see a video from the show and pretend you were there.Imagine.

While you are at it go buy something from the AB bigcartel.Dude who runs this is a good dude.Some may say the best dude.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Drainland news

Lads on tour!

They have been given a pretty awesome review in Metal Hammer this month which is following on from many favourable reviews like here, here, and heres an interview with Terrorizer magazine.
It aint youth crew but damn it the boys done a good one.

Taken from their show in the music centre with Neurosis

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Find A Way:the Zachpire strikes back

This was unreal in case you wanted to know.
Its been a while since theres been a show like this happening in Dublin and if anyone was going to bring it back it was going to be Find A Way

its just a taster for their set at H2O.Its the main reason im going to that show(Details here)
Your homework:Study and learn

The following will incur the largest pile on ever seen in Dublin

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Much Blink 182 love

I was looking for something to watch last night and for some reason I settled on watching the Urethra Chronicles. It had been a while.

Watching that while falling asleep must have given me some awesome dreams.the first thing I did when I woke up(being late for work) first thing I put on was Dude Ranch. Shit was so good. I hadn't listened it since I did that shit for xFactorx.
It also led on to listening to Enema ofthe State. That reminded me of jumping around my room listening to 'the party song' over and over again trying to nail all the lyrics. If I missed a line I would go back to the start of the song. That was what.....ten years ago?no more maybe. I might have been 16.For the sake of saving face let's say i was 15/16(phew)

My love for this band never waned. Cool kids saying these are lame can get fucked. This was the soundtrack to my youth and all the songs off 'Enema...' have some memory attached to them.'dysentery Gary' brings me back to hanging in a girls house who I really wanted to hook up with but didn't have the requisite game to make the move. I did in the end but it totally sucked. It was like I was kissing her teeth for the most part. I ended up drawing and painting a Blink shirt for nephew. It was rad. What wasn't rad was thinking I saw her in town a year or two ago. I can't imagine what the fuck she would look like now but I had this wierd photo-fit composite in my head and was pretty wierded out by what I saw. Trish,if you're reading this FUCK YOU! getting Niamh to tell me you didn't want to kiss me anymore was a fag move. Michelle,I should have hooked up with you. Ah young love.

'Dumpweed' reminds me of being admonished by Ciarán Fury at the three practices before that cover show. But that was only like three months ago so fuck that.

Blink,thank you

Saturday, July 9, 2011

FRUSTRATION step up their game

They have joined Purgatory Records who are going to be releasing their album.Im happy as hell as these pricks work hard at what they do and glad to see them get some recognition.They have also bolstered their ranks with Stephen Cruise on bass while Gav moves to guitar in Jacks abscence.Too crucial.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Rats Blood

Dublin...i dont know what to describe them as actually.The music is sick and in some parts kinda Loc sounding with crustier HHIG vocals?Call me if im wrong.
Either way they rule and hopefully will be recording with Ciarán Fury soon.Yes thats right im making Ciarán Fury happen.So fetch.
Anyway everyone in this band is awesome and nice people so SUPPORT THEM!




I've been aware of this band for a while but only recently gave them a proper listen(im terrible for that shit)and FUUUUUUUUCK!
Do yourself a favour and check out Kievs finest at their bandcamp(where you can dl their 2008 demo), myspace and facebook.If you like what you hear head on over to REACT! where you can buy their 7".
I seriously spoil you with options.Options and links.Yeah.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Remission fundraising MADNESS

The mighty Remission are selling a bunch of stuff to raise funds.Included in there is a 'Winds of Promise' test.You know you want that.

Check out the auctions first bunch are ending soon.

Monday, July 4, 2011

For Petes Sake

For Petes Sake on the facebook get the fuck on that.

REACT! showcase 2011

No flier yet but am STOKED.

Get the Most (final show)
ON (Seattle)
Not Sorry (Seattle)
Skin Like Iron (SF)
Rearranged (Moscow, Russia)
Circles (Vancouver)
Peace (Baltimore)
Living Eyes
Out Of Sight (Vancouver)
Mindset (Baltimore)
Betrayed (LA)
No Tolerence (Boston)
Give (DC)
Remission (Chile)
Praise (Baltimore)
Damages (Vancouver)
Noose (Chicago)
Fell To Low (LA)

Last show.Set it off.

SDR comes bearing gifts

Dave at the rather excellent Salad Days has put both the latest Pressure and Critical Point releases up for download.This is awesome cause both releases are top notch and Dave is just an awesome dude.Dont take my word for it ASK ANYONE.



Password to both files is 'ilovesaladdays' and with these gifts you should very well love Salad Days.

More frequent updates on here soon.Promise.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Signal Sound Studios

That name might not be familiar to you but to me that is a Mecca.I opened my email to find a mail from Mr.Brett Barto who writes me even though im im a gibbering idiot and have proved that point in several emails to him.The man is a saint.
Anyway attached were the Signal Sound studio sheets from the recording of the 'We'll be fighting' 7"that he found while moving.He was stoked on seeing them after 14 years packed away and i was in awe.Alright i get it im a fucking nerd.Shut up and go watch the Supertouch doc.

click to make them shits bigger

"you can see some songs weren't even named yet and "where were you" was originally called "backs against the wall". that song used to have totally different lyrics and a different meaning but i wasn't 100% stoked on the way they fit. we only played that song with the original lyrics at a few shows before i rewrote them. when we recorded the 7" i had the new lyrics but didn't have the new name yet so we just used backs against the wall."

My threat of going to every show if there is a reunion on the back of the dicography release still stands.I can only imagine how big of a tit i will make of myself.
In the mean time go to your senators and governors and DEMAND at least one show.Begin here

Supertouch 1991 doc

Long time no posting.I blame UPC
I was directed to this through an awesome dude that helped me with crucial Atari stuff.

In a similar vein i witnessed this in person

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy birthday Downtown hash Brown

a few things

This will be awesome and i will be diving off everything.
In the lead up to this i will be having a chat with with Zachary on all things FAW and shite in general.He doesnt know this but its true and it will be most righteous.

In other updates tomorrow may or may not suck.Tomorrow the Bros may or may not be playing a show.The music part will still be happening but thats going to be shiiiiiiiiiite.

In the trend of some sort of update:
X Famine breaking up is total ass.Last show is Life and Death.Get amped.
X Wardogs 7",Outcast Behaviour, is banging.Head over to Carry The Weight and pick up a copy you motherfucker
X New BB songs are coming along nicely.Hopefully you will see the results of our "work" soon.Maybe.Probably not.
X I saw a labradoodle today and it licked my face.It was awesome.
X My Turn To Win are awesome and you should listen to them
X If anyone is interested(NO!) i tweet @chrisxtoday. I personally know @widexawake

I always forget this isn't a legitimate vehicle for information,local or otherwise.i have a stupid sense of importance.Or do i?

If i had a girlfriend this would be on a mixtape i would make best band ever like.

Friday, May 20, 2011

HC4C 4

there will be bouts of

and tonnes of

Go HERE and learn the words.

ALSO This Tongue Is Poison is playing this now.Stoked

Loose tunes,loose morales,loose nut

Loose Nut have recorded new songs and living with Special Ed i have been privvy to hearing the unmixed tracks and they are FUCKING BANGING.They have a mastered version of 'not a problem' up on their sound cloud page and as you can clearly here its a straight up banger.Ciarán Parnell is the new Don Fury and he did the business for them.He can hook you up too.INFO.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chewy ep streaming

A Step Apart discography

Never made it to press so has been put up online in its entireity.Seriously good band.

"After having recorded a promo and a demo, Not Just Words Records (from the Netherlands) picked A Step Apart up to release their debut EP, followed by two other EP’s. When the band quit, plans were made to release a discography CD with everything the band had ever recorded. Two Asian labels and also React Records showed interest to handle the overseas releases. In the end, it never came out.

After getting to know Ronald (Not Just Words Recs), we came with the idea to make it available for download through my blog and share the music of what was one of the best hardcore groups from the 00's.

A Step Apart started out in 2003, playing classic youth crew hardcore who got everyones attention during The First Step Europe Tour in 2004. After 2 demos and 3 sould out EPs they made their final appearance at the Light The Fuse Fest in May 2006.

This compiles the following recordings:

Rehearsal Promo Tape (Recorded in December, 2003)
1. Through The Emotion/ 2. The Damage Done
3. What Is Left
4. Foundation
5. Live @ Light The Fuse '04

Demo Tape (Recorded in July, 2004)
1. Conviction
2. Through the Emotion / 3. Both Sides
4. Worth the Fight / 5. The Damage Done
6. A Step Apart

There Is A Choice EP (2005)
1. Turn the Tide
2. There is a Choice
3. These Words
4. Taking Hold
5. What's Still Around
6. Reflect

Structure EP (2005)
1. Intro / The Essence
2. As Close as it Gets
3. Rite of Passage
4. Stripped Down

Self Titled EP (Recorded in April/May 2006)
1. Downhill
2. Step Ahead
3. When You Fall

Comp. Songs
1. Against the Odds
2. The Bonds We Share

+ Live Set @ Light The Fuse Fest '05

Tonight tonight


TTTDH zine on facebooks

well likeable.Do me a favour ;)

Living In Gomorrah fanzine

Dudes have the second issue out now.You need to go get your hands on a copy.If you don't?i feel sorry for you.

Belgiums finest.
Like this shit on facebook

Friday, April 29, 2011

Famine dance party

Get your fucking dance on and then Famine are playing.
Get the shit in!

Ill Intent

Having seen these guys three times now i have reached the conclusion that they
a)play good hardcore well and b)are good dudes.
If you don't believe me FUCK YOU!

Like this shit on the Facebook


Monday, April 18, 2011

Buffalo kid needs your help

This is a situation beyond fucked up that anyone involved in hardcore can relate too.We all get injured and had near misses.Sometimes worst case scenarios like this happen.

On the evening of Thursday, April 14th 2011 the Buffalo hardcore community gathered at Mohawk Place to support Terror and Trapped Under Ice as they took the stage to play a show.

With plenty of pile-on�s, stage-diving, sing-along�s and an incredible vibe of unity and energy, the show got off to an awe.some start.

However, what began as a good-old hardcore show ended in a tragic incident that has forever altered the life of one of Buffalo hardcore�s very own members.

MIKE BIRD, regular show-goer, hardcore kid, and a member of the Buffalo Straight Edge community, was knocked to the ground by a stage-diver. Hitting his back and head on the concrete floor, Mike had to be rushed to the hospital via ambulance to be treated for his injuries. Unable to move his limbs, or feel any pain in his lower-body, Mike received emergency spinal surgery for his injuries.
The official diagnosis indicates that Mike broke the C5 and C6 vertebrae in his lower spine. With no feeling in his legs, it is unclear how soon 19-year old Mike will regain use of his lower body and be able to walk (or mosh) again.

Without the luxury of being able to afford his own health insurance coverage, this injury is crippling financially as well.
An ambulance ride, emergency room visit, sophisticated spinal surgery, X-Rays, physical therapy, and medication leaves Mike Bird with a medical bill that will most-likely amount to a six-figure sum. His lack of insurance and limited mobility will make paying this debt an impossible task.

The Buffalo hardcore community is banding together, pooling our collective resources and organizing benefit events to help offset Mike Bird�s medical bills.


The community aspect of hardcore is something that transcends the boundaries of cities, crews, cliques, scenes, and sub-genres.
We are ALL hardcore kids; we�re all cut from the same cloth.
We ALL go to shows, we ALL stage dive, and we�ve ALL had our share of mishaps.

It could have been any one of us in Mike Bird�s shoes.
He just happened to draw the short straw that night and get knocked down.
But as we all know, when someone gets knocked down in hardcore, we PICK THEM BACK UP.

Several benefit events are being organized within the Buffalo scene as we speak.
I�m told that both Terror and Trapped Under Ice are both on-board for a special merch-run related to this incident.

We have set up a PayPal account for donations.
100% of the money donated to this PayPal will go DIRECTLY to Mike Bird�s medical expenses.

If you have ANYTHING you can donate via PayPal, a quarter, a dollar, two dollars, please send donations via paypal to:

NO donation is too small.
Mike Bird has NOTHING, so ANYTHING you can donate will add up.

If you have any questions about this fundraising effort, or want to help out and become involved, shoot me an e-mail at


-Frank XXX

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Famine release show DATE CHANGE

This will still be pure banging.

Start Today

Jeff puts out the Start Today zine which is thourougly awesome and everyone should read.He posted this up online:

"I'm starting a new job next week and will be out of town for training for 6 weeks. Because of this, I will have no time to print the new issue in the near future. Since that is the case, here is a download of the whole issue."
How awesome is that?

You can download it here

Friday, April 15, 2011

Camp Records fiesta

The delightful dude that is Dave over at Camp Records is taking pre-orders for a comp he is putting out.Its called 'more than a piece of mind' and it has INJ/SYS,Caught In A Crowd,In Time(not that one),Truth Inside and Razorxfade.You can order it here.Theres still copis on black and yellow available.Get on this.

While you are over there pick up a sweet Atari shirt.These are reprinted with the permission of the band and Dave is a truly awesome dude for printing these up.Summer is coming up and theres nothing better to rock on hot days than a white shirt would go great with camo shorts or beige cargo shorts.Just picture it.


When I amn’t jamming Atari I can be found getting chill to Boston’s permier export Mental.
As of late ‘planet mental’ has been my maimest jam. Theres something about that record I can’t quite get enough of. The lyrics are a more matured offering than ‘Yo!’ and deal with bogey friendships which I can get down with. Greg also answered some questions I had to put to him and they will appear in issue 2 of the zine.

This is Planet Mental

8 Mile intro/future waves/break a sweat
DFJ shout outs/history 101/get an oxygen tank/III

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Bridge To Many

Formed in 2008 in Toulouse these French kids are rustling up trouble and need help with tour dates.

You can stream the record HERE
Download it here and order it here

"We went on a few weekend trips throughout France and Spain and did a full euro tour.
We'll be touring Europe again this summer with our friends from BIRDS IN ROW;
and we're looking for people kind enough to book us. Let us know if you could help out"

A BRIDGE TO MANY on facebook
euro tour July 2011

Jul 09 - HELP (Switzerland?)
Jul 20 - HELP Stuttgart/Munchen, DE?)
Jul 21 - HELP (Nuremberg, DE/Austria?)
Jul 22 - hanging out at Fluff fest
Jul 23 - hanging out at Fluff fest
Jul 24 - HELP (Berlin, DE?)
Jul 25 - HELP (Hamburg, DE?)
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Remission winds of promise

From Philippe and Remission

Hello people, 1 month away from our record release show we have decided to share with everyone our latest ep entitled "Winds Of Promise" (React! records). These songs mark a musical and lyrical progression on our behalf from our "Accept" debut lp which came out in 2009 through Amendment records. Hope you enjoy these songs and can support the release by purchasing a copy from a distributor or mailorder. At the bottom we leave you with a few web pages worth checking out for ordering or band information. In other news, our next project is a split 7" with Police & Thieves from Washington D.C. which will be coming out in May 2011 on Amendment. Hear a new song from the upcoming split with P&T on this sampler:
Look out and take care!

DOWNLOAD the "Winds Of Promise" 7" mp3s
(includes mp3s at 320 kbps, lyrics in english/spanish, a message from the band and artwork)


This band are beyond awesome and the nicest dudes ever.Please help them out and buy a record.