Friday, January 27, 2012

Not having internet in the Lodge is seriously getting to be a pain in the tits.
But we need to pay our bills and they keep stacking up so internet is on the back burner once again.Fuck our lives.

We played Outbreak Fest 2012 and it was a better show than the piece of shit we mustered in London.I don't know what happened but it took us all working at 100% to fuck up that show.Anyway NEGATIVITY aside heres a video of the Bang Bros set as filmed by XveganXjusticeX.He filmed pretty much every band on the day and the sound for the most of them is pretty awesome.

As if i wasn't going to post up the IronXCurtain video.That set was the best thing i have ever seen.London straight edge in full effect!

and if you can make out the hat the bassist is wearing you will understand why we are friends.

Shit aside the 7" should be going to press soon.I've been out of the loop as i have retreated into a cave this last week or two.I don't like fun anymore.
Details of preorders soon....hopefully.

ok i gotta go be's been a while