Friday, June 24, 2011

Signal Sound Studios

That name might not be familiar to you but to me that is a Mecca.I opened my email to find a mail from Mr.Brett Barto who writes me even though im im a gibbering idiot and have proved that point in several emails to him.The man is a saint.
Anyway attached were the Signal Sound studio sheets from the recording of the 'We'll be fighting' 7"that he found while moving.He was stoked on seeing them after 14 years packed away and i was in awe.Alright i get it im a fucking nerd.Shut up and go watch the Supertouch doc.

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"you can see some songs weren't even named yet and "where were you" was originally called "backs against the wall". that song used to have totally different lyrics and a different meaning but i wasn't 100% stoked on the way they fit. we only played that song with the original lyrics at a few shows before i rewrote them. when we recorded the 7" i had the new lyrics but didn't have the new name yet so we just used backs against the wall."

My threat of going to every show if there is a reunion on the back of the dicography release still stands.I can only imagine how big of a tit i will make of myself.
In the mean time go to your senators and governors and DEMAND at least one show.Begin here

Supertouch 1991 doc

Long time no posting.I blame UPC
I was directed to this through an awesome dude that helped me with crucial Atari stuff.

In a similar vein i witnessed this in person