Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Foooocuuuus onnnn the records!!

Here is quite frankly one of the most complete True Colors collections i have ever seen.If you are active in European hardcore you probably have come across Mr.Nico and know this isn't the only amazing collection he has.Im not exactly sure what he's missing.He will feature in a future issue/post though.
you will need to click on this to appreciate the enormity of this collection.

Nico,i salute you.

Work has started back on issue 1....kinda.

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  1. I am actually missing not that much. A few test presses and some transition presses. But when it comes to colors and sleeves I am completely done with this True Colors collection.

    I wish True Colors recorded a full length in the style of the last 7", that would have been amazing.