Saturday, March 19, 2011

Atari appriciation 3:We'll Be Fighting/shirts

We'll be fighting was,as before and actually all Atari releases,is a banger of a 7".The songs on this record are all solid.Between 'Go!' and 'Up front' i honestly dont think you could ask for better songs.As i said before any song on this record is perfect to throw on a playlist and skate like fuck or in my case like ass.I never mastered skating much.I think thats why i like this band so much.I think i lived out my failed skating dreams through their music.Its a theory i guess.

silkscreen cover black vinyl /500 (blue ink)

Theres a press of this record that is a Double Decker "press" that is out /30.I use the term press loosely as it apparently is just a regular copy of the record and on the insert it says "Double Decker" and is numbered out of 30.It was done by the band when they were helping out in the shop.Now thats crucial.
There were also several copies with added sharpie action on the cover.

Those dudes must have been bored

There was also a Howard Stern 1/1.I guess im gonna need to find that too.
I must thank Jeff from the most crucial Right Idea for helping me out on this matter.Now if i could just convince him to give me his records....

On the subject of holes in my collection if anyone has the above version of 'Skate Tuff' i will be more than willing to give you ANYTHING

silkscreen cover green vinyl /200 (green ink)

green cover black vinyl /200

atari games cover /500

The flier on this shirt was originally done by Chris Bavaria from the rather excellent Mindset.He did good.

This was the first shirt i managed to snag on electronic was a youth medium but who am i turn that down?The seller was awesome enough to include the Kutztown straight edge sticker.That got him some super good feedback.It know takes pride of place on my bedroom wall.

If you want this shirt it has been reprinted with full permission of the band and is available over at Camp Records.You better buy one before i buy them all and dont have to worry about washing them.

Brett Barto
Do you have plans to do something else in the vain? of 'It Goes On'?

i'd love to do another showing in the future but i don't have any plans at this moment. there are a few places in philadelphia that will basically show anyone's work. you don't have to be an established or represented artist. i've been looking into something like that. low key. just to get some work out there for people to see. and believe me, i'm under no grand disillusionment that i'm a professional artist.

Are you working on anything at the moment?

see above. i'm always coming up with ideas for themes i'd like to feature in photos. it's just a matter of actually doing it. i'm trying to get back into drawing or at least sketching again too. in high school and college i'd find myself filling entire notebooks with frantic doodles. i love the look and feel of a page that's completely filled and imprinted with hand drawn lines.

Your photography is something i really dig on.What do you get out of it?

thanks. i think i've just always loved documenting aspects of my life. i constantly find myself framing up pictures in my head. looking at walls, shadows, reflections, dirt, garbage, whatever is in front of me. and documenting skate or camping trips is a no brainer. bike rides too. there's so much weird shit out there. when my knees and back finally give out on me i want to be able to sit down and flip through a stack of pictures and remember specific events that meant something to me. i guess that sounds pretty narcissistic and if it is so be it. i like trying to get "artsy" with shots of mundane tasks. like if i'm taking a picture of a friend setting up a tent or setting the coping into place on a ramp, i'll try to make it as interesting as possible. at least to my eyes. wow, i have a feeling these answers are gonna make me out to be some major art snob/douche bag. oh well, maybe i am.

Whats your current camera set up?

i have a sony cybershot DSCW50 from 2006 and a droid eris phone that has a photo app that i really like the look of. nothing special at all really. i'd like to get a new digital camera but it's definitely not a top priority. my cybershot has been buried in snow, caught in rain storms and covered in sand and it has yet to let me down.

"No matter what you say we'll be here and we'll be fighting"

I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to Clay from NJ for helping me out ith a lot of info and sending me a shit tonne of fliers of Atari shows and a photcopy of Bretts Hardware zine.He is one crucial dude.

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