Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Step Apart discography

Never made it to press so has been put up online in its entireity.Seriously good band.

"After having recorded a promo and a demo, Not Just Words Records (from the Netherlands) picked A Step Apart up to release their debut EP, followed by two other EP’s. When the band quit, plans were made to release a discography CD with everything the band had ever recorded. Two Asian labels and also React Records showed interest to handle the overseas releases. In the end, it never came out.

After getting to know Ronald (Not Just Words Recs), we came with the idea to make it available for download through my blog and share the music of what was one of the best hardcore groups from the 00's.

A Step Apart started out in 2003, playing classic youth crew hardcore who got everyones attention during The First Step Europe Tour in 2004. After 2 demos and 3 sould out EPs they made their final appearance at the Light The Fuse Fest in May 2006.

This compiles the following recordings:

Rehearsal Promo Tape (Recorded in December, 2003)
1. Through The Emotion/ 2. The Damage Done
3. What Is Left
4. Foundation
5. Live @ Light The Fuse '04

Demo Tape (Recorded in July, 2004)
1. Conviction
2. Through the Emotion / 3. Both Sides
4. Worth the Fight / 5. The Damage Done
6. A Step Apart

There Is A Choice EP (2005)
1. Turn the Tide
2. There is a Choice
3. These Words
4. Taking Hold
5. What's Still Around
6. Reflect

Structure EP (2005)
1. Intro / The Essence
2. As Close as it Gets
3. Rite of Passage
4. Stripped Down

Self Titled EP (Recorded in April/May 2006)
1. Downhill
2. Step Ahead
3. When You Fall

Comp. Songs
1. Against the Odds
2. The Bonds We Share

+ Live Set @ Light The Fuse Fest '05

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