Sunday, July 31, 2011

Drainland news

Lads on tour!

They have been given a pretty awesome review in Metal Hammer this month which is following on from many favourable reviews like here, here, and heres an interview with Terrorizer magazine.
It aint youth crew but damn it the boys done a good one.

Taken from their show in the music centre with Neurosis

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Find A Way:the Zachpire strikes back

This was unreal in case you wanted to know.
Its been a while since theres been a show like this happening in Dublin and if anyone was going to bring it back it was going to be Find A Way

its just a taster for their set at H2O.Its the main reason im going to that show(Details here)
Your homework:Study and learn

The following will incur the largest pile on ever seen in Dublin

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Much Blink 182 love

I was looking for something to watch last night and for some reason I settled on watching the Urethra Chronicles. It had been a while.

Watching that while falling asleep must have given me some awesome dreams.the first thing I did when I woke up(being late for work) first thing I put on was Dude Ranch. Shit was so good. I hadn't listened it since I did that shit for xFactorx.
It also led on to listening to Enema ofthe State. That reminded me of jumping around my room listening to 'the party song' over and over again trying to nail all the lyrics. If I missed a line I would go back to the start of the song. That was what.....ten years ago?no more maybe. I might have been 16.For the sake of saving face let's say i was 15/16(phew)

My love for this band never waned. Cool kids saying these are lame can get fucked. This was the soundtrack to my youth and all the songs off 'Enema...' have some memory attached to them.'dysentery Gary' brings me back to hanging in a girls house who I really wanted to hook up with but didn't have the requisite game to make the move. I did in the end but it totally sucked. It was like I was kissing her teeth for the most part. I ended up drawing and painting a Blink shirt for nephew. It was rad. What wasn't rad was thinking I saw her in town a year or two ago. I can't imagine what the fuck she would look like now but I had this wierd photo-fit composite in my head and was pretty wierded out by what I saw. Trish,if you're reading this FUCK YOU! getting Niamh to tell me you didn't want to kiss me anymore was a fag move. Michelle,I should have hooked up with you. Ah young love.

'Dumpweed' reminds me of being admonished by Ciarán Fury at the three practices before that cover show. But that was only like three months ago so fuck that.

Blink,thank you

Saturday, July 9, 2011

FRUSTRATION step up their game

They have joined Purgatory Records who are going to be releasing their album.Im happy as hell as these pricks work hard at what they do and glad to see them get some recognition.They have also bolstered their ranks with Stephen Cruise on bass while Gav moves to guitar in Jacks abscence.Too crucial.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Rats Blood

Dublin...i dont know what to describe them as actually.The music is sick and in some parts kinda Loc sounding with crustier HHIG vocals?Call me if im wrong.
Either way they rule and hopefully will be recording with Ciarán Fury soon.Yes thats right im making Ciarán Fury happen.So fetch.
Anyway everyone in this band is awesome and nice people so SUPPORT THEM!




I've been aware of this band for a while but only recently gave them a proper listen(im terrible for that shit)and FUUUUUUUUCK!
Do yourself a favour and check out Kievs finest at their bandcamp(where you can dl their 2008 demo), myspace and facebook.If you like what you hear head on over to REACT! where you can buy their 7".
I seriously spoil you with options.Options and links.Yeah.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Remission fundraising MADNESS

The mighty Remission are selling a bunch of stuff to raise funds.Included in there is a 'Winds of Promise' test.You know you want that.

Check out the auctions first bunch are ending soon.

Monday, July 4, 2011

For Petes Sake

For Petes Sake on the facebook get the fuck on that.

REACT! showcase 2011

No flier yet but am STOKED.

Get the Most (final show)
ON (Seattle)
Not Sorry (Seattle)
Skin Like Iron (SF)
Rearranged (Moscow, Russia)
Circles (Vancouver)
Peace (Baltimore)
Living Eyes
Out Of Sight (Vancouver)
Mindset (Baltimore)
Betrayed (LA)
No Tolerence (Boston)
Give (DC)
Remission (Chile)
Praise (Baltimore)
Damages (Vancouver)
Noose (Chicago)
Fell To Low (LA)

Last show.Set it off.

SDR comes bearing gifts

Dave at the rather excellent Salad Days has put both the latest Pressure and Critical Point releases up for download.This is awesome cause both releases are top notch and Dave is just an awesome dude.Dont take my word for it ASK ANYONE.



Password to both files is 'ilovesaladdays' and with these gifts you should very well love Salad Days.

More frequent updates on here soon.Promise.