Thursday, May 20, 2010

FAMINE part 5

Finally im getting around to the last member piece for this "project" i undertook.Jon Boyce,you the man.

how did you come to play in Forging Friendships?

Their original drummer franny deciced he didn't want to be in the band anymore and the lads originally wanted me just to fill in for a few gigs that they were playing in the Uk, I was already heading over with Another Day in Hell so it made sense. I kept playing with the guys after we got back and ADIH eventually broke up and I've been in the band ever since.

what was it like coming into a band that had been playing together for a while?

I joined the band just as the guys were writing new songs so I only ever had to learn 3 of the old songs. I was involved in writing the new songs so It felt more like a new band then joining one that had been around for awhile and i already knew and got on with the lads. Joining a band that already had a bit of a following and played gigs regularly was great aswell, we were playing and recording not long after I joined.

how did you get into hardcore in the first place?

I listened to bands like Minor threat and Black Flag since I was about 15 but I always just considered them punk bands. I only started to consider hardcore a genre from listening to bands like Converge and the Dillinger escape plan and then just finding more bands from there. By the time I moved up to Dublin I was listening to alot more and started to find out about local bands and just started going to gigs. I was asked to join a joke band called Kate Mosh by Nelly and that ended up turning into Another Day In Hell.

There was nearly a one of one shirt made for that band.
you can cover one song,what is it?

Bohemian Rhapsody with all five of us doing vocals.

whats the best part of touring with the other guys?

Tour is just class. Traveling to and seeing different places is great and people have always treated us really well. It's also great to play to people you don't know and in places that are completely new to you. It keeps every gig interesting.

and the worst?

Probably just not enough sleep and some dodgy food. You do start to feel abit mental after a few hours in the van though. Cruise refusing to wear a seat belt and telling us if we crash he's going to fly around killing people like in the body to body car crash ad wasn't the best either.

who would you like most to do a split with?

Probably Blacklisted but I admire any hardcore band that tries to do things differently and keep things interesting.

are there any shows that you remember specifically?the Exploded Face show in Dorans where all your shit was on show perhaps.

As far as i remember the Dorans show was pretty uneventful, the only time we ever played with everything on show was limerick when no one turned up and we just played to lads from galway that travelled to see us. Lees house party was probably the Famine set i enjoyed the most. People doing human pyramids and diving off amps and Mac Kell taking Jacks bare foot to the face. One of the gigs we played in Poland was pretty surreal aswell, the biggest shirtless lads you've ever seen knocking the shit out of each other.

Gimme,gimme,gimme favourite
band from the 80's:

I'm torn between Metallica and Black Flag.
movie from the 90's:
Jurassic Park
local band?
There's a lot of really good bands in Dublin but id say my favorite is Crowd Control. I've never seen them play a bad show and the new songs are amazing.

how stoked are you for Bang Bros. and the ignorance that will ensue?
I can't wait. People are probably going to be pissed off that this band didn't happen sooner. I'm counting on you to say stuff like "yo' check it" in songs and be deadly serious.

Oh believe.Silk week?
We're going to get so creepy. Im not sure if i should go with a deep purple or an electric blue shirt. Which ever goes better with white pants I suppose.

any last shout outs?
Everyone who puts time and effort into putting on gigs in Dublin, all the bands that write, record and play and the people who come out to watch and support bands.


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