Friday, September 16, 2011

Bang Bros updates,recap and bullshit

Sooo last weekend we went over to the United states of kingdom to play Outbreak fest with our most beloved dudes Frustration.
It involved an awful lot of travelling, posing, sleeping and alcohol/energy drinks.It was unreal.

We got to play with some awesome bands.Honourable mentions to Deal With It, Wardogs and Broken Teeth.We missed IronxCurtain due to the travel time.Im bummed as really wanted to check them out.their demo is sick.I DRINK MILK CREW!!!!Needless to say it was a truly awesome time and hanging out with some awesome people is always a plus.the dudes putting that shit on did a real good job.You can read a review of the show here.

Bang Bros-intro/what if

Frustration-last will and testament (serious banger/quality)

Aside from the shennanigans that "tour" brought us, berroca sprite and Eddies hat(rip),we managed to get our shit together and do some recording.Guitars are going down tomorrow and vocals on still sick so it could turn out pretty funny.Ciaran Fury is doing this new joint and it will find its way onto vinyl available from I Drink Milk.We are stoked.


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