Friday, September 2, 2011

Remission X Amendment records

Chile!How many bands do you know from here?If the answer is none WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?

Remission have been tearing it up since 2008 and have been expanding outwards ever since that has resulted in them putting out their 'Wings of Promise' 7" on React.As a result they are playing the React records showcase in Gilman on September 23-24.
I finally get to see these guys play and can't convey how excited i am.

If you wanna hear how awesome Remission are clock tunes on their myspace and then immeadiately go buy their shit from the Amendment store.You can also pick up their split with the awesome Police and Thieves there.So good.

For the first issue of my zine i talked to Philippe who sings for Remission.He's a good dude.A very good dude.

Philippe, can you give me a bit of a history of Remission?

Four friends came together in mid 2008 to start a new band. This band wouldn't be straight edge and would have no specific lines to follow in song writing though we have been compared to Verbal Assault and 411 which is a major compliment. After a few songs and live shows, we recorded a 3 song demo cd to get our music out to our friends and public. Add some more playin, lots of practicing, and in early 2009 we recorded our debut lp entitled "Accept". This came out thanks to Amendment records in the middle of the year and just recently sold out. We perform at a slow pace having shows aprox. once a month and are very happy with how things have worked out for us. We're writing new songs and just released the demo in 7inch form with the collaboration of Tribute fanzine from Germany.

What brought you to hardcore and what keeps you here?

My introduction to hardcore music was through late 90s skate videos. Once I heard Minor Threat, Dag Nasty and 7 Seconds I was instantly hooked. Creating music, seeing my friends and being part of a positive, aware and exciting counterculture is what keeps me here.

Was this your first band?

This is my third band. Three years ago I played bass in a band called Approach and sang in another band called Remains To Be Seen. Both were straight edge hardcore and shared members. Daniel who plays guitar in Remission played in both as well. Parallel to Remission, Cristian who plays drums and myself started up an emo band where he has switched to guitar duties and I sing in spanish, our native tongue.

The first time i heard you guys was through my friend Alex. We were on a bus and he insisted i listen to the songs he had. I was blown away. How long was Accept in the making?

Awesome, thanks to both you and Alex. Accept took a little less than a year to complete. First the song writing, then recording it in a week and afterwards mixing and mastering which took a long time.

This may sound like a token question but is there anyone band that influenced your sound?

There's tons. Musically and lyrically there's hints of Verbal Assault, Farside, 411, Outspoken, Uniform Choice and Reason To Believe.

I would liken you to maybe Outspoken if im describing you to friends do you think thats a fair comparison?
I guess not since Outspoken's records have lots of coherence within the song's style. Our lp is hard to pinpoint as so many of the songs sound different from each other. They're a great band. Sometimes hanging out we'd all watch the reunion show vhs from '98 and it's so good.

What is Remissions touring history like? And more importantly when will you get to Europe?

Dude we have never toured haha. We've only left the city twice, once to go to Talca and the other to Concepcion. Both are cities in Southern Chile. We would love to tour next year but first we'd like to have a new 7" and Lp to show for. It could happen in the U.S or Europe if we don't break up for stupid reasons.

What has been your most memorable moment in Remission?

This is kinda embarrasing but I guess it was playing a show when we first started out where none of the four fucked up a song and played a perfect set haha. Leaving in my grandmother's honda with a tape player to play down south was very cool also and the moment we received our first vinyl release colored purple was excellent as well.

Ok, vinyl. Is there any band in particular you collect? I am aware you are a big Dag Nasty fan.

I collect Verbal Assault, One Step Ahead and Dag Nasty records. Those bands I adore. Besides them, my goal is to get almost every record I really enjoy in vinyl format though it's hard because I'm down to the more expensive ones. My collection is almost all hardcore and several melodic hardcore and emo records.

Whats your favourite piece of wax you own?

Dag Nasty - Can I Say, the most perfect Lp ever written.

If you could do a split with any band ever, who is it? And what colour vinyl would you press it on?

So many to name, but I'd go with Reason To Believe on black vinyl. Naturally I could have named bands that I like far more but I wouldn't want to fuck up their legacy, plus I'm taking a more personal and emotional direction on the lyrics which would work well with RTB.

What do you do outside Remission?

I study graphic design and work at a nightclub 3 nights a week. I love to spend time with my girlfriend, I skateboard a little bit and try and get a tennis match once a week with Cristian and Daniel from Remission.

Whats next for Remission?

We want to record 5-6 songs in July. 2 or 3 to be used for a new 7" and the remaining songs for a split 12" perhaps although that last part isn't final. Keep playing, keep expressing ourselves and creating beautiful music haha. Eventually quit being lazy and playing more gigs outside of our city is another goal of ours to fulfill. Thanks so much for the questions and the support. Hugs.

Remission are also on tour stateside in the lead up to the React showcase.If you are near any of these shows i urge you to go.You won't be disappointed.

Sept 14th - Brooklyn, NY - Party Expo - 7pm $8
w/ Sacred Love, Don't Give A Fuck, State of Disgrace

Sept 15th - York, PA - The Skid Row Garage - 7pm $5
w/ Mindset, KOJI, Daylight, Praise

Sept 16th - Baltimore, MD - Charm City Art Space - 7pm $5
w/ KOJI, Police & Thieves, Peace, Reservoir

Sept 17th - Richmond, VA - Grace Street Mansion - 7pm $6
w/ Mindset, Break Away (Record Release!), Free Will

Sept 18th - Silver Spring, MD - The Quarry House Tavern - 1:30pm Matinee!
w/ Mindset, Police & Thieves, 1 more tba

Sept 20th - San Diego, CA
w/ Give, Fell To Low

Sept 22th - Santa Barbara, CA
w/ Give, Fell To Low

Sept 23th - Berkley, CA - REACT SHOWCASE

Sept 24th - Berkley, CA - REACT SHOWCASE

Sept 25th - Redding, CA
w/ Give, Devotion

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