Sunday, February 7, 2010

Come Saturday

Saturday was awesome.The benefit show got moved to a different venue at the eleventh hour.For the better too.The Exchange pales in comparison to Filmbase.I wish more shows could happen there.

Anyway,In Time played a coverless set at this but i was really happy with it.We got compared to a "dirty" Insted and described as late 80's/early 90's west coast which is an awesome compliment in my eyes.I have never been more determined to record than i am right now.Considering recording is probably my biggest fear.Well recording and spiders but im pretty much over the spider fear,Recording though? not so much.

In this picture:
In Time,Forced Out,The Blind,punx,punxxx,Crucial Dave,Iano,Liamy,0.5 of Joe and some of my best friends.

I couldn't be happier



  1. I want you to record to.I loved that In Time the other night, look forward to seeing you again.

  2. I hate that photo. I look much better with Bryan's head on my shoulders.

  3. Everybody looks better with Bryans head.
    Where the fuck was Robbie holding the shirt?