Thursday, February 11, 2010

What it means 1

I've been asking some people to help me out and contribute to this blog so its not just me ranting.
One of these people is Ms.Andrea Lubeck.She is vegan,Canadian and doesn't enjoy the amount of snow she gets as much as i would.I asked a few people about their favourite band or albums and what they mean t them personally.We all have a record that once we put on brings us right back to a moment in time.
Her chosen topic was Shelter and i think would follow on nicely from the last post.Shelter just rule that much.

You can read more of her musings on her blog My Chance To Live.


Anyone that knows me a little can tell you that one of my favorite bands is Shelter. I couldn't do this blog without them having a place of choice in it.

My relationship with Shelter has been going for quite a while now. I really can't tell you which album is my favorite because it has changed since I've listened to them the first time. The first album I listened to was Beyond Planet Earth and for me it was the greatest album of all time. I couldn't stop listening to it, I was in love with 'I Know So Little'. But then I started to check out the other albums, it then was obvious Beyond Planet Earth wasn't Shelter's peak (I'm not considering the chronology here). I then discovered Mantra, with Message of the Bhagavat, We Can Work It Out (that just got me out of winter blues at that time), and of course Here We Go, which lyrics are so true.

Time changed for me and Mantra was my shelter (haha, I know). Not too long after (and up to now), I've had an attachment to Eternal. I am no krishna devotee. And for being the album I've listened to most, I know that the lyrics are a lot about krishna, but the lyrics are just so inspiring to me, especially the song Eternal. I can relate to them in some other way than in the religious way. What about Built to Resist! It gives me power when I need it the most. I really can't explain, but its that one album that gives me shivers and that just go through the years so well.

During spring and summer, I listened a lot to When 20 Summers Pass, and it can only make you smile on all those shitty rainy days. It has a great almost pop-punk sound that makes it a great road trip album, a summer album, a happy album. The songs are catchy, but I feel that its not the album that fully represents Shelter. But you know what, which album really does? They are all different and have their own personnality, their own sound and their own karma. I think that this difference between all their albums is what makes Shelter so awesome.

But I feel that I need to know more, not to restrain myself only to Eternal. So, as I'm writing this, I am currently listening to The Purpose, The Passion, of which the song True North makes a good start, really. I can't tell you right now if this will get to me like Eternal did, if it will be as awesome music and lyric wise, but I sure won't close my mind to all the other albums.

I want that life!

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