Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Its the message of the Bhagavat

Myself and Martin have been discussing Shelter a lot recently.
He loves Attaining The Supreme and Mantra but i feel their best record was When 20 Summers Pass.As much as i love the other albums this wins it for me.
The title track,to me, is what i imagine Youth Of Today would have sounded like if they kept going.Well up until the first chorus anyway.Its just so good.The drums sound amazing and the vocals are recorded so wewll.I could just have a major hang up on Cappo though.His vocals to me are perfection.

Having said how awesome WTSP is as a whole i still think Mantra is a good record too.That opening track!It gets me everytime.It also doesn't hurt that is got 'Here we go' on it.If you are ever in a bad mood i would reccommend listening to that song.
And 'empathy', so good and i think overlooked when its on the same record as the two previously mentioned tracks.A real low point i think is 'surrender to your tv' and i don't know why.It just never appealed to me.I could say that it doesn't sound like Shelter but their songs were pretty diverse.Listen to 'in defence of reality','loss disguised as gain' and then 'message of the Bhagavat' as an example.They are all completely different sounding.Not thats a bad thing of course.

'Beyond Planet Earth' is a record in its own field.This was just pipped to the top as my favourite shelter record.The vocal melodies on this record are fantastic.The opening track,'revealed in reflection',sounds so good.I am still into this record as much as the first time i heard it.Its so refreshing to hear this vocal style(... singing???) from the same dude who screamed "Take a stand" a few years previous.
Plus this record has the best Shelter song in 'whole wide world'.That bass....that video...that bopping.I'd marry that video.Its everything i want in a band/video/song.

I don't know if myself or Martin will ever give or come to a unanimous decision. Maybe we don't need to.We can agree that Shelter were awesome and if any band covered them i would probably love them forever and sing along harder than if they were covering Outburst and thats no mean feat.

In other news i think i blew a bit too much money on a few records yesterday.I was given a once in a lifetime opportunnity and i took it.
If i get them ill post it up.If i dont ill post up the email and myspace of the dude who ripped me off :)


Attaining The Supreme


Beyond Planet Earth

When 20 Summers Pass



  2. I am totally with you on what you said about Mantra, 'Here We Go' is just so awesome, the lyrics are so true, some of the best I've heard honestly. Also, on Eternal I love the opening song too, in fact it was my alarm for a long time haha.