Sunday, March 14, 2010

For Andrew

My brother recently had a baby with his wife.I am beyond stoked for him.
I know he'll make the best father ever cause he was the best brother ever.
Brett Barto from Atari sang this song out to his brother at a show back in '97.
I could never right words that express my idolising of him so i am just posting
the lyrics.

Tomorrow,i'll think of what we said
and remember us right here.
So full of life this day,so full of hopes and dreams.
And if we reach the end too soon before our time
i promise i'll remember and dream again sometime.
All the other kids could never see just what you've
done for me.

You've kept me up with one strong arm when all
my strength was gone.
i won't forget,i won't turn away
waht i've recieved i can't repay.
Because of you im here today,
I',m here today because of you.
Tomorrow,the lessons that i've learned
i'll try to pass them on.
And keep alive your memory for the others
when you're gone.
Because someday when you leave the new faces
will appear
And i owe it to you to tell them of a friend
i held so dear.

If you want to hear Atari click here
This song appeared on the Rebirth of hardcore put out by Supersoul recordings and
you can check that out here

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