Sunday, March 7, 2010

Turn it around

A friend of mine recently posted up a picture of his Comeback Kid collection and i thought i'd ask him a few questions about it and CBK in general.Rune,BUST!

You have an awesomely impressive CBK collection,what was the first piece you got and where did you pick it up?

My first piece of CBK vinyl... they more or less got me into hardcore, so.... I'm not old enough to have YoT or Minor Threat as my first encounter - unfortunately. I got my first CBK vinyl at a local record store about 4 or 5 years ago. My friend had just sold parts of his collection (he was the dude who introduced to CBK and to hardcore) at this store, and about a week later I saw Turn It Around in that store on red vinyl priced at 100dkr ($20). I knew it was my mates record - I snagged it right away, haha!

What attracted to you CBK in the first place?

As mentioned before, CBK - Turn It Around was the first real hardcore record I listened to (well, and 7 Seconds - The Crew) I thought it was so hard and straight forward and I just loved their former vocalist on that record (Andrew who sings now is solid as well). Still today, I see Turn It Around as one of the best hardcore releases within the past 10 years - if not the best. It's flawless. COmeback Kid wasn't as visible a youth crew band as other really bands like Champion or The First Step. None the less I constantly find myself mentioning Promises Kept, What We Know and Turn It Around as the best youth crew hardcore albums since the millenium.. it might be wrong though!

Did you have a few pieces and say 'fuck!now i have to finish this'?

Actually when I decided I needed to finish this collection I had recently bought a couple of the really expensive stuff (Turn It Aroudn test press and Friends press) from Matthew Jordan (imissversealready) and that's when I realised: hell yeah, I can this shit together! Now it gets further between I get a piece for the collection, well only missing 3 records it gets a little hard. Matthew actually had one of the the 3 missing records, but I wasn't quick enough back then!
Besides that, I had serious doubt whether or not to actually finish the collection, because I didn't know if I wanted to include the Victory releases. They weren't as collectible as the debut (which is insanely collectible), and it was hard to enjoy Wake The Dead and Broadcasting on the same level, given they do not reach the potential of Turn It Around, which is a masterpiece. The other two are good as well, but not in comparison. On a final note, I had trouble collecting anything from Victory because I had read so much about the owner of Victory being such a douche, haha :)

Best CBK song?

Die Tonight.
It's just such a powerful song. Scott's vocal is so angry and intense. CBK did a tremendous job with their song structure on that album. It's just hardcore where you need nothing else, and Die Tonight captivates all this perfectly. I could have gone for other songs on that album, and on a different day, I probably would...

Do you collect shirts as awell?

Given that a lot of CBK shirts are ugly as hell, no. I have never actually understood the concept of collecting shirts.... I've seen people pay $50+ for a worn out Insted or Chain Of Strength shirt... I really don't get that. It's cool to collect anything, but collecting shirts doesn't do anything for me. I could probably pay more for a shirt I really wanted if I knew that print was hard to come by, but not for collectible purposes.

Broadcasting was a bit shit.Discuss.

Broadcasting was... different.... Broadcasting was Victory-infected. I agree that it's the least succesful album they've released, but I wouldn't say it's shit. CBK wanted to try out new things and I'm sure a bunch of people will say that Broadcasting is their best work. It's just hard to get that over your lips when Turn It Around was the first thing I listened to. Broadcasting has it's good moments, but in my opinion they went too far out on something they couldn't contribute to. They started doing something that musically required more avant garde-thinking in my opinion. Also their sound changed too much when they signed with Victory and their music changed in a typical Victory-way... Maybe they didn't have as much freedom, I don't know...they probably did... When Wake The Dead (CBK's first release on Victory) came out, I almost feared that the next release would go even further in the Victory-way... They need to get off that label and signed on to B9 or something like that.... Of course the sound of their two previous released aren't all because of Victory...

We're on a road trip,which five cds are we going to playing?
comps are allowed.

Resolve - Won't Stand By
True Colors - Rush Of Hope
Turning Point - Discography 2LP (because we have a portable record player!)
No For An Answer - You Laugh EP
Four Walls Falling - Culture Shock

None of these records need any elaboraton, right?

Not at all.I can definitely get behind that selection.Especially Resolve.

No Comeback Kid because I can't mention any band I've listened to as much as CBK, so I have to make room for other things on this trip. Turn It Around would be an obvious choice though.

Where are we going to on this road trip?Keep in mind we've never met and i could be intolerable.

Well, setting aside that we actually are going on a trip soon you and I, I'll pick a new destination! I think I'll assume that you're a pain, so I'll probably bring you to a place where there's other people. H20 is playing my city next month, so we're gonna attend that and then head up to xmalthex in sweden where we'll hang near a lake by a pineapple-forest - OG SWEDISH STYLE!

Best show you've been to in the last six months?

Broken Distance/Pressure/Critical Point/Balance/Hårda Tider @ Hemgården, Lund in Sweden
The swedish kids are cool to be among... (especielly when their locals are playing)

What bands are local to you that people should be checking out?

That's a good question. Denmark has a dreadful hardcore scene to say the least. But if we can make our piece with it not being a sxe band ;) then I'd definitely advise people to check out this band from Copenhagen called Night Fever that's more or less the only decent hardcore band in Denmark.

How stoked are you to be rooming with me in SF?

Stoked as hell buddy!

A final note: please notice how Mental - History 101 sounds like Comeback Kid - Lorelei :D or the other way around...

Lorelei Gilmore,I FUCKING LOVE YOU!
Thanks for answering my questions duder.I owe you a pepsi.


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