Monday, September 27, 2010

So im still in a kind of flux in regards to moving so im a bit all over the place as regards post and doubly so on the progress of the zine.Its a pain in the ass.
Having said that i am writing up a piece on Atari for Mr.Andrew Kelly's zine Collected Short Boring.Im pretty stoked on that as anyone who reads this(what up three people?) knows im beyond into Atari and i feel it would be a nice partner to the write up/interview i have in the first issue of TTTDH.Should it ever make it to print that is.
Issue one will have that Atari piece,an interview with the amazing Phillipe from the mighty Remission,Famine,Salad Days records spotlight,shit on skating,Crowd Control and a write up on PA hardcore.That means Rain On The Parade,Atari and Rancor among other things.
If someone else had that that in a zine i would have a boner that wouldn't quit.
Just saying.

I've been listening to:

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