Friday, September 10, 2010

Stay Alert

Facebook is a hell of a thing.It enabled me to grab a quick interview with my good friend Kieth who plays in Alert.Whats shit about facebook is it erased the first part of the chat.Luckily not too much but i cant remember what i asked.It was probably shit.
Anyway this band rip and if you have even a passing interest in modern youth crew you should check them out.

chris:Whats the deal with you guys and being in other bands?
Kieth:Well I'm in another band that I'd honestly rather not talk about being in haha. But Kyle is in some new local band around here called Lifestream and Brendan is in like 2 or 3 other bands in the Boston area
So you know why we're not super active
chris:no real band has 'one band only' members
chris:well no crucial band anyway.
whats it like having Boston as your local scene?
Kieth:It's really cool. I mean I'm actually a couple hours west of Boston but whatever it's all Massachusetts. But I guess I'm just spoiled or so I'm told for getting to see so many bands a lot of other kids like and haven't seen before
chris:i only ask cause it seems Boston is known for having consistently good/prolific bands.Would you agree with that statement?
KiethOh for sure
chris:any local favourites?(drop names)
KiethI like Waste Management a lot. Also Step Forward, Rival Mob, Free Spirit, and No Tolerance.Those bands are killing it
chris:Rival Mob are one of the best bands ive heard in the last year or two.what do you make of their shirts going for millions of $'s?
chris:im def not exagerating here
KiethShirt flipping on ebay is out of control right now. I think it's really stupid especially when I go to a show and see a shirt, then the same night it's on ebay and ends up going for 100 dollars. I definitely don't support it but what are you gonna do?
Hopefully that shit stops soon but I don't think it will for a while.
chris:bid hard?
chris:i know you've been saving those gems and are going to make bank soon
Kieth:Oh of course
chris:im stealing a question here,what summer movie was your favourite this year?
Kieth:It's very rare for me to go see a movie so I don't think I had a favorite. All the movies I saw were pretty bad. When I do watch movies they are usually sci-fi or based off of a cartoon or something nerdy like that. But yeah, I can't even think of a favorite haha
I guess The Karate Kid if I had to pick one, though that wasn't too good either.
chris:you didnt see the last shitbender did you?
I saw the midnight showing!And boy was I disappointed
chris:haha i can say so
Kieth:I mean I knew it would be bad, but that movie was the world thing I've ever paid to see in a theater in my entire life
chris:i can imagine it would be like payiing to see the Dragonball live action
Kieth:I saw that shit online because I knew I'd be disappointed no matter what,and I was
chris:i saw that shit on a plane to Japan.
i felt fucking sick/dirty after watching it.
Kieth:They butchered it so bad. That movie was even worse than the Airbender one and that's really hard to do
out of the Boston stable who do you like most?at present or older.
Kieth:Like what bands?
Kieth:And how present do you mean?
chris:like playing now
Kieth:Damn that's too hard of a question.I couldn't even pick
chris:ok i can do better.what Boston band do you wsih you got to see?
Kieth:Considering I just saw a ton of older boston bands recently I'm gonna say SSD
chris:damn,how was that DYS show?
Kieth:It was cool. A lot of old bands that I'll probably never see again. I'm glad I experienced it
chris:best band of the evening?
Kieth:Slapshot haha
chris:fuck id kill to see that band play
Kieth:A shit ton of people went nuts, they sounded amazing, Choke had great presence and they played Chunks.
It was a great set!
chris:on the subject of DYS,is there a wolfpack anymore?
chris:Ib Boston like?
Kieth:No haha
chris:I didn't think so haha.
Kieth:Or if there is I don't know about it
chris:if you don't know about it its not worth knowing
chris:ima wrap this up.who should people be listening to?
Kieth:Face Reality, Sorry Excuse, Razor Fade, Stick Together!
chris:i can verify that they are all awesome.any shout outs?
Kieth:Outlast, Resolve, Face Reality, Mindset
chris:November hangage?
Kieth:For sure!

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