Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today at Demented Fest Famine played a set of older songs from when they used to be called Forging Friendships.Words cannot describe how amazing this was.

To me hearing those songs brings me back to 2005/2006 when i was first getting into hardcore seriously.Going to shows and becoming aware of stuff happening in the town i lived in and not just the bigger scenes in the US.It also invokes memories of meeting people who i now count among my best friends.

Thank you xGavx for letting me grab tunes off your computer on the brick of a creative zen you gave me.
Iano for being awesome,being in FDINS and helping me write songs.
Laura for introducing me to more hardcore than i can remember.Most notably Bane and Terror.People who say girls can't be into hardcore better step up so i can beat them down.
Glenn for being awesome and champion level diving during Terror in the Underworld.
I met a lot of amazing people around this time and i appreciate everything i learned.
This sappy pandering has me digressing.

You can listen to all there shit on their bandcamp

Lee,Cruise,Robbie,Iano and Jon,thanks fuckers.

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