Thursday, June 10, 2010

Famine mid tour check in

I caught Iano on facebook chat and snagged a few words

where are you guys at right now?

some place in switzerland
i cant remember the name of the town
what have the shows been like so far?

yeah they have been good mostly
im having a good time
have you hit Poland yet?

im so sad to say we are not hitting awesome poland this time arou
serious lack of circle pits so.Fuck

so gutted
How was being locked in that Italian venue?

haha i didnt really mind
it was alright
we bought some pizza out of the bck of a bakery and settled in for the night
the dudes went wild
all our gear was set up so we did joke sets and im sorry to say i got naked
we videod it all
i can only hope you get to share that with the world soon haha

playing with basement again was cool
where was that?
rushn attack was also cool
birmingham with basement many shows you got left?

4.3 in germany and newport
go on the welsh

you red dragonsssssssss
what have you learned on this tour?

not to send silly txts at 5 am to arseholes
always a good idea haha
Iano thank you.keep your clothes on yeah?
or try
haha dude im practically naked right now

hahaha.get gav to talk you off

gav just threw a cheese burger in a 3 storey window to me
dudes are coming up stairs.
need to put clothes on
tell Gav i love him
gav said he loves you too