Sunday, June 20, 2010

So In Time will be playing what might be our last show on july 30th as part of Life and Death fest.Its going to be a banger,theres a load of sweet bands playing both days so come down and msh hrd.

In Time was a really great thing for me.I love playing this style of music.Even though it wasn't what i had in mind soundwise i was beyond stoked with the way they turned out.


We will record a tape that ill put out with an issue of the zine at some point.
Better late than never right.
When we started out first there was a long list of covers we wanted to do but two that were constant were 'salad days' by Minor Threat but we couldn't find a bell so we're doing 'age' by the mighty Insted.
Im stoked. Beyond stoked even.

download it and give us one singalong at our last show.

still #1

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