Monday, June 28, 2010

im an idiot.
this song says it all.


My Boys in Frustration have new songs up clock them HERE
Buy shit HERE

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

live and learn

I remember when the world turned at our street
every night we were running
i remember how it used to be back in the day
when people were together
and in it all the way
when down for life meant something real and true
promises were kept and i could still trust you

i remember when the world turned at our street
now its its turning in smaller circles and i can see past this
Its getting brighter the longer it turns

and now promises made are best forgotten
the truth is you turned your back
and now were broken
i still remember when honesty meant honesty
and you still meant something to me

ill choose my own path everyday
with no help from you.
i used to know you.i used to know you
live and learn

take the time
Some people are still screaming for change
even after all these years nothing has changed
but some still believe
i still believe
i still believe
i still believe
i always will

im positive,i have a strong will
perseverance and determination
real change comes from withinn

theres people still screaming
and are a step apart
fromwhat has gone before

i still believe
i still believe
i still believe
i always will

Sunday, June 20, 2010

So In Time will be playing what might be our last show on july 30th as part of Life and Death fest.Its going to be a banger,theres a load of sweet bands playing both days so come down and msh hrd.

In Time was a really great thing for me.I love playing this style of music.Even though it wasn't what i had in mind soundwise i was beyond stoked with the way they turned out.


We will record a tape that ill put out with an issue of the zine at some point.
Better late than never right.
When we started out first there was a long list of covers we wanted to do but two that were constant were 'salad days' by Minor Threat but we couldn't find a bell so we're doing 'age' by the mighty Insted.
Im stoked. Beyond stoked even.

download it and give us one singalong at our last show.

still #1

Friday, June 18, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

I will never EVER get sick of this band.

Im putting together something special that should be emerging soon.Fingers crossed.
In the mean time,time your not spending listening to Atari and getting stoked on life you should be listening to Not Sorry.
These guys are seriously good and John has an amazing voice.Listen to this and just be stoked.They also have a blog which you can check out over here.

Im going to go get some sleep while listening to Our Gang.They are also worth checking out.Theres a facebook page so head over there and like that shit.While you're at it you can read an interview with Lew and Hobi over at the mighty Double Cross.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Famine mid tour check in

I caught Iano on facebook chat and snagged a few words

where are you guys at right now?

some place in switzerland
i cant remember the name of the town
what have the shows been like so far?

yeah they have been good mostly
im having a good time
have you hit Poland yet?

im so sad to say we are not hitting awesome poland this time arou
serious lack of circle pits so.Fuck

so gutted
How was being locked in that Italian venue?

haha i didnt really mind
it was alright
we bought some pizza out of the bck of a bakery and settled in for the night
the dudes went wild
all our gear was set up so we did joke sets and im sorry to say i got naked
we videod it all
i can only hope you get to share that with the world soon haha

playing with basement again was cool
where was that?
rushn attack was also cool
birmingham with basement many shows you got left?

4.3 in germany and newport
go on the welsh

you red dragonsssssssss
what have you learned on this tour?

not to send silly txts at 5 am to arseholes
always a good idea haha
Iano thank you.keep your clothes on yeah?
or try
haha dude im practically naked right now

hahaha.get gav to talk you off

gav just threw a cheese burger in a 3 storey window to me
dudes are coming up stairs.
need to put clothes on
tell Gav i love him
gav said he loves you too


Monday, June 7, 2010

George runs a blog called xxxIrish Edgexxx.He puts up a whole load of old demos.Follow his blog,you wont be let down.
He's always delivering gems like this video of Youth Of Today from 1987.

YOUTH OF TODAY - Live In Buffalo from Larry Ransom on Vimeo.

take a stand

intro/questionable values

Friday, June 4, 2010

I fucking love fliers.
I mean i really,really,REALLY like fliers.I have a small collection of copied Atari fliers that my very good friend across the pond Jay sent me.Heres one of them

Look at that fucking line up!Its incredible.PA has my heart.Also i love how how this flier has Brett's home phone number on it.
I'd love to get some original ones but the chances of that?Slim.

Either way i like fliers.I like the general look of the cut a paste fliers.It just looks better than what can be done on photoshop or some shit.I dont know,maybe its just the fact that i prefer older bands of a specific time.I just appreciate the effort that goes into these and hand drawn fliers.It really adds to the feeling of the show.Case in point, the Pettibone fliers

Can you actually imagine what it felt like to be given one of them at some other show previously or picking it up in a record store?Especially now original fliers go for a hell of a lot in the ebays.But monetary value aside just look at them.

Then you got some awesome work by Pushead.

He did some incredible album art for DS-13 and In My Eyes as well as the stuff he did for Metallica for which i think he's most widely known.
Like seriously when did you last see a flier that looked that good and was hand drawn for a show?Having said that i know two people holding it down in Dublin

and Ms.Claire

If anyone has a copy of that YW release show poster they would be willing to part with i'd be into taking it off your hands.very into taking it off tour hands.

The last two i picked out here are gems.I like the YOT one for its simplicity and the fact that it would have been an incredible show.I would give every worldly posession i have and kil both Eddie and the afformentioned Marty to be there in Fenders Ballroom.I also like the last one cause i have a soft spot for anything with city bold on it.Best font.

is this or is this not the best line up for a show?

I could have picked better fliers or i could have scanned in fliers from the Radio Silence book but i didn't.Call it laziness on my part but maybe i'll revisit this topic in the future.Or tomorrow.Yeah maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Consider this a second farewell post to Find A Way.
This is them at their last show covering one of my all time favourite bands.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010