Saturday, February 12, 2011


So my best friend is in Japan right now.She has a tumblr thats documenting what she sees and it makes me miss a.Tokyo and b.her more and more.I plan on going over there to visit her and i need to raise funds.In order to do that i guess im going to have to sell some records.Now this is something i hate doing but work sucks and desperate times yadda yadda.if you see anything on my HYE list mail me at and we'll see what happens.
I absolutely will not sell any Atari records.However if you have something im missing i will buy(dont tell Laura) or trade anything on there with you.

staying posi in JPN

In the spirit of the blog i think its only right i feature something Japanes and crucial.I have just the thing...

Inside are a great youth crew band playing right now.They recently played with Floorpunch over there and i bet they were pretty awesome.I have been listening to their demo and its pretty good.It is in Japanese but i dont feel that detracts from it.If anything it gives it more identity.
And clock out the Strife cover they bust out.Tight.

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