Monday, February 28, 2011


A good dude by the name of Arty is getting low in the Russian territories and pointed out some good bands out his way.Hes getting a couple of crucial dudes together and when they have jams they will be posted up here.He was also awesome enough to have the patience to wait over a month for the BB shit we sent to him.Thanks for the heads up dude.

Bluesbreaker from Kiev kinda threw me with the intro but they are playing hard riffs with i guess Go It Alone vocals.I dunno,im terrible at comparing bands sound.If they do sound like GIA its a harder 'Histories' era vocals.The nearest comparison i can get for these dudes is if Frustration were playing in the late 90's.'Break the blues' is a BANGER!

The Pack from Moscow are playing a modern version of DYS/SSD Boston style.Its pretty good.I could definitely creepy crawl to it.

Aspire from the Ukraine are a kinda heavy 90's Outspoken i want to say.Maybe 108.Again i am terrible at comparing bands.I am am awesome however at pointing people that look like other people despite what fucking Gav says.Fuck him.

Lots of good shit coming in from the east.

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