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Seeing as they are playing here on the 19th of this month(FEBRUARY) i thought i'd catch up with Iain who sings for them.He's a good dude.Sometimes.When he's willing to cut sleeves off oxford shirts he is.

Iain,how are things?
I am good mate, just looking forward to coming to my favourite city Dublin and seeing you lot.

Can you tell me how long Control has been a band?

Only been a band for about 6-7 months now, maybe a bit longer.
I have a shit memory and cant even remember our song titles.

whos in the band and what do they do?

There's me on vocals, Jonny on guitar, Anth on bass, Mr Pacey on drums and we just added Ste on 2nd guitar. I supply the fashion sense, Jonny provides the (v)edge, Anth supplys shit covers to distract us, Mr Pacey supplys bad time keeping and Ste will provide us with fancy amps.

Why the fuck has it taken you so long to get over to Dublin?

I just don't know mate, been trying to arrange it for ages. I would live in Dublin if i could, i love the place and literally have an awesome time hanging out whenever i am over.

I know you guys have a few covers you guys play.I hear UC is among them.Can you assure me you will play it here?I wont take no for an answer.....

We will play your choice of cover mate, we may even play 2 cause set isnt long. its always good to play covers that i enjoy even when people dont know what it is but thats part of the point of playing covers, that someone might hear it and check that band out.

See what i did there?

I did, it was sneeky. I wish we could play NFAA but not anything off Thought Crusade, fuck that. I wanna cover Without a Reason.

That wasn't even on purpose!i could never be that clever.
You've been involved with hardcore for a long time.What keeps you here?

I have been around for a few years now, not as long as others but a while. I have to be honest and say hardcore is my life, i wouldnt have any of the friends i have, live where i live, have experienced so many awesome shows and been to Belgium and back in a day if it wasnt for hardcore.
I may not be as enthusiastic as i was but like everyone, as i've got older its changed for me. I see a massive change in the way hardcore is now from when i first started going to shows, some good, some bad but in the end i couldnt live without it.

What was the first band you saw that made you go "fuuuuuuuuuuck"?

It would have to be seeing The Last Chance/The Break In and Spitfire Down at Ninjafest in like 2002/3 maybe. Before that i had been to a couple of shows in Scotland where the bands were good but there was nothing like that weekend. So many people singing along, moshing, diving. A sea of X'd up fists ( i wasnt edge at that point, but i wish it had inspired me to sack off getting drunk) was so awesome. Got to see Terror that weekend to, i knew every word to LOTL and it was amazing.

When we going to see a 7" and am i going to get a test?

I wish, i am trying to talk a few different bands into doing a split with us. Seems like the best chance for someone to do a record for us as we havent had much interest yet. I would love to do a 7" as i feel the more songs we write, the better they get. Nice crew shot on the back, AlexB artwork on the front and some free baseball cards inside....just like a certain record you enjoy.
Oh and you will definately get a test press, if you promise to come over and do back ups !

Are you dudes going to be touring this summer?

We are currently trying to book a euro tour for august, had a few shows planned in Portugal and decided it would be cheaper and way more fun to play some shows on the way there and the way back. Rafael and Impact Bookings are trying to sort it out for us, i believe it will happen. Hopefully get to play Dublin again in the summer and we are meant to be doing some shows with Rip It Up and Wardogs later in the year.
Pressure/Critical Point are touring the UK in September and i'd love to get on some shows with those guys.

What will it take for you to bust out the mosh shorts you were sporting at the "last" Justice show?

Ha Ha Ha i am much more sensible these days, i may bust them out during the summer if iam over. I am much smarter these days ! I was all over the stage mosh during DM at that show....ha ha

I know you know good stuff cause you quoted Atari lyrics on moshspace,are you down with the whole Teamwork buzz?
I love Atari mate, i need to find that zine with the big Atari interview a guy did in a UK zine a few years ago. You'd love it.
I have to be honest and tell you i couldnt name another band on Teamwork or tell you much about it. I know i am letting you down here ! All i know is Up Front is the best Atari song and We'll Be Fighting is the best record.

Whos the most underrated band from the 90's?
Hmm, hard question. I would say that although not technically underrated, Undertow should be talked about much more. I would go as far as to say they may the best edge band of the 90s. Theres a statement for you !

Essential Nike?

I may have to go a bit new school and say that my own essential Nike is the Air Max 90 Current. I have 4 different colourways of that shoe and it is by far the most comfortable Nike i have worn. I also have a soft spot for a nice pair of Safari's. I wanna hear your essential Nike ?
Oh thats easy Nike air force IIIs,Jordan II's and IIIs(of course) and possibly air revoloution if im feeling saucy.If we can expand into Adidas,Ewings.
Fastbreak or Mainstrike?

I have to go for Fastbreak there mate, can i not choose Floorpunch over both ?

3 things you could not live without?

My iphone, my girlfriend (yeah, yeah) and my friends.

Thanks again Chris for being a dude, CCHC, everyone of my friends in Dublin and Southampton FC

You can get all the details of the show HERE

Get low.Get real low.

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