Sunday, February 13, 2011

2004 was a good year

I was a huge Bad Religion fan when i was younger.I mean i still am.I can listen to any album and still enjoy it more than most hardcore released today.I just mean i was a HUGE fan.
These photos were taken in 2004 i think it might have been the second time i'd seen them.This was the 'process of belief' tour.I remember the show being awesome for many reasons.The first would have been talking to Greg Hetson while he was walking around the venue before the show.He was super cool and super old looking.I have a photo with him somewhere that i will root out one of the days when i come to my parents house and arrange the "vault" properly.

The other thing that made this show awesome was getting upstairs in the lobby of the Ambassador where the backstage area was.Jay Bentley was on hand to sign a drum skin from the show that night.It was unreal.I had never been so fucking amped in my life.Jay Bentley was THE man as far as i was concerned.I got to meet the band and they signed my copy of the 'stranger than fiction' 7" i had.It was a prety surreal moment and i got genuinely tongue tied.Especially when Brooks Wackerman asked if i wanted him to sign it considering he didn't play on the record.In the instance of Pete Finestone not being around i gave him the all clear.I didn't really say that but im sure they would have laughed at that.We all would have been friends and i tagged along for the rest of the tour.Oh if only.
Brian Baker gave me a slice of pizza as well.Brian Baker....
I managed to croak some sort of gibberish before i left them to be Bad Religion.

look at my jaw!!!!!

And that is why 2004 was a good year.

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