Saturday, February 12, 2011

Times Together

have new shirts up for sale on their bigcartel and they are belters.

With a name like that,its an Atari song, there is no doubt i love these guys.It also is a bonus that they are four of the best dudes ever.James drops knowledge on all sorts of euro hardcore that ever occured and is still as into this band as the day they started.You can catch some of said knowledge over at his blog.Help them out and buy three colours of those shits.I know i will.I got to keep my collection up to date like.If you like all things Wishingwell you will most definitely be into them and you can hear them on myspace.
Their latest 7" on Just Another Day is an exquisite collection of bangers contained on a single piece of wax

This is the aftermath of the Times Together/Right Idea show in Nottingham last year.Definitely one of the most enjoyable shows i have ever attended.

The crucialest dudes you will ever come across.


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  1. i dont appear to be in that photo. not that crucial....